Best smartphones for smarter working

Welcome to the 21st century, where your smartphone is your notebook, your calendar, your dictaphone, your camera... you get the idea.
Best smartphones for smarter working

Time to ditch the notebook

You may have the finest moleskin notebook in the office, but what if it goes missing? What will you do when your boss wants to go over the minutes you were in charge of taking last week?

We’ve rounded up four of the finest smartphones for those looking to work smarter.

Best for note taking – Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung powerhouse comes with an S Pen stylus - great for taking notes quickly and easily. Unlike other styluses in the past, the S Pen actually feels and writes like a real pen, with a smooth brush effect that truly emulates writing on paper.

As well as the stylus, Snap Note invites you to take photos of things physically written down on paper or a board. It will then convert them into a digital S Note you can edit at your leisure. Find out more about the handset here.

Best for recording – LG G4

The G4 has a special feature called Audio Zoom, which can record higher quality sounds than its competitors. Ideal if you’re stuck at the back of a massive lecture hall or meeting room, trying to figure out what that mumbling speaker is going on about.

But, we understand that not everyone’s based in an office. If, for example, you need a great camera in your line of work, the LG’s 16MP shooter will be right up your street. On paper, it may sound similar to the above Note 4, but it’s not always about megapixel counts in the photography world.

Its superpower has a lot to do with the f/1.8 lens aperture - which basically means the camera can let in more light. There’s also its ability to capture images in RAW format, which provides more options for manipulation when editing. Check out our deals here.

Best for value – Moto G

The new Moto G from Motorola is the third generation to carry the G name. And, if you’re looking for a lot of bang for your buck, look no further than this little gem - perfect if you need a secondary phone to use for work.

For one, it’s 4G ready – but you pretty much expect that from smartphones these days, right? Okay, moving on - it’s also water-resistant in depths of up three feet for up to 30 minutes, so there’ll be no drama if your get caught in a downpour on your way home.

If all that isn’t enough, it comes with a 5-inch HD display and 13MP camera as standard - costing less than £200 (SIM-free). Don’t believe us? See it here for yourself.

Best for visuals – Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

The S6 edge+ is fresh out the gates, and can do everything its little brother can and more. If you’re looking for something that will wow the office, and give you a platform to really show off your work - the S6 edge+ is the one for you.

We’re talking to the artists, the designers and the videographers out there. The bright and powerful 5.7-inch Quad HD display will really showcase your work, and give you all the practical applications to share, present and detail everything the meeting room will need to know.

Be the first to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, by registering your interest with us.

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