How well do you really know emoji?

Consider yourself an emoji expert? Check out this lot, and find out how much you really know...
How well do you really know emoji?

Can you speak emoji?

Emoji, the cartoon image-based language used in texts, is quickly becoming a fluently spoken language in Britain. But do you really know the true meaning of the emoji language?

If not, you better read on, friend, because we’ve heard it won’t be long before a feature length emoji film is put into production – yep, for real 🙈 Following the success of The Lego Movie, Sony Pictures Animation is looking to produce a film co-written by Eric Siegel and Anthony Leondis.

On the back of this madness, we’ve compiled a list of the images that are most commonly misinterpreted, to put an end to the confusion.

Official name: Person with folded hands

To kick things off, we’ve got the long debated image of either praying hands or a high five. It’s like that dress argument all over again. The official description explains that two hands placed firmly together denote ‘please or thank you in Japanese culture’. So... we guess that kind of leave the discussion open - because who says it has to be the same person's hands?

Official name: Dizzy face

Next up is dizzy face, which illustrates sickness attributed to being spun around in circles too many times. This face is often confused with being knocked out, and we’ve even heard from a couple of sources that it’s been used to depict blindness.

Official name: Information desk person

Often used to depict sassiness, or an air of not caring about something, the information desk person is one of the texter’s favourites. She is also sometimes referred to as ‘hair flick emoji’, which makes more sense than her balancing a bevy of invisible drinks atop an invisible tray.

Official name: See-no-evil monkey

The see-no-evil monkey is one of the three wise monkeys, otherwise known as Mizaru in the Japanese proverb. Since his inclusion in the emoji world however, he has been referred to as the cheeky monkey – often attributed to playful shame or an expression along the lines of ‘I didn’t want to see that’.

Official name: Pensive face

Oddly named, pensive face, is often misinterpreted to mean sadness or sorrow. Not so much ‘deep thought’, as it’s name would suggest.

Official name: Person bowing deeply

The western world has taken this emoji to mean something along the lines of ‘press ups being hard’, with the triangles beings beads of sweat. Whereas, it’s original meaning is meant to express sincere apology or the request of a great favour with a deep bow, known as dogeza in Japan.

So, there you have it - every day’s a school day. Take great pleasure in correcting your friends’ use of the emoji language, and if you want to find out what any of the other emojis mean, drop us a comment below.

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