#MondayMotivation: Apps to organise your week

Have you got that Monday feeling? Looking for some help getting organised for the week ahead?
#MondayMotivation: Apps to organise your week

If you’re still feeling the effects of the weekend and haven’t got your head around Monday yet, don’t worry – help is at hand.

We’ve got some apps that’ll get you motivated, organised, and ready to face the upcoming week like a champ. By the time Friday comes round you’ll look back on Monday morning and laugh. We promise.


iOS (FREE) , Android (FREE)

Any.do is a really versatile task management app. It’s not just for work - it can organise your personal life too. And it’ll help you with everything from minor daily tasks to long term goals.

Any.do encourages you to take a moment or two to plan your day. This helps you to prioritise things that matter, and to stop worrying about things that you can deal with another day. Any.do may just be the perfect app to get you up and running on a Monday morning, and face the week ahead with a positive mental attitude.

Goals on Track

iOS (FREE), Android (FREE)

‘Always know where you are now and where you are going.’ No, it’s not Google Maps - it’s Goals on Track, and they’re referring to where you are with regards to your goals. Not actually where you are physically. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s crack on.

Goals on Track lets you easily set and track your goals, and promises to help you become a more productive person. Goals can range from small daily or weekly targets like getting up earlier or hitting the gym, through to major goals in life like starting your own business.

You can also track your time, keep a journal to record your success, and see the progress you’re making in a variety of graphs and charts.

Coach.me – Instant Coaching

iOS (FREE), Android (FREE)

Like the other apps on this list, Coach.me – Instant Coaching lets you set goals and track your progress towards reaching them. But these guys don’t just stand back and let you get on with it – they offer expert advice in the shape of one-to-one coaching.

Over 750 coaches are available to chat over the phone or through their messaging service, focused on helping you to achieve ‘mastery’ over your goal. And when you achieve ‘mastery’, you may even be asked to become a personal coach yourself!

Coach.me – Instant Coaching is an app with those big goals and targets in mind, like learning a language or getting fit. If you just want help remembering the milk, it might not be for you. However…

Remember the milk

iOS (FREE), Android (FREE), BlackBerry (Free)

Other to-do lists are available, but we’re going to recommend Remember the Milk because it’s been one of our favourites for a while. It’s a great task management app that lets you plan your time effectively, prioritise tasks, set due dates, share work with colleagues and lots of other good stuff. You can even add locations to certain tasks so yes, if you’re near a supermarket it’ll help you remember the milk.

How’s your Monday going? Do you think any of the apps above could help you get motivated and face the rest of the week in a whirlwind of positivity? Share your thoughts below.

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