Top 5 reasons the S5 still rocks

It's not the latest and greatest Samsung Galaxy, but we think there are still a few good reasons to make the S5 your next new smartphone.
Top 5 reasons the S5 still rocks

The Samsung Galaxy S5 might not have the edge over the awesome new S6, but we think it’s still a fantastic phone in its own right, especially at these low prices.

If you’re not quite convinced, read on. We’ve come up with 5 great reasons to make the S5 your new smartphone.

1. A display that continues to impress

The S5’s 5.1-inch Full HD display still looks damn fine to us. It’s bright (22% brighter than the S4), picture quality is sharp, and colours are rich and vivid. Plus, it’s packed with innovative features to make sure you always get the best experience in any light.

If you’re outdoors in direct sunlight, the S5’s brightness and contrast levels will crank up to give you a watchable picture. On the other hand, if you want to use the S5 to indulge in a spot of late night Lowdown reading in bed, the screen will dim to a level where you won’t disturb whoever’s sleeping beside you.

2. S Health – your personal fitness monitor

The S5 has a heart-rate monitor on the back, which works with the preinstalled S Health app to track your heartbeat and stress levels, if you’re worried about that sort of thing.

S Health does a lot more than just keeping an eye on your heart rate though. It’ll monitor virtually all of your daily activity and give you useful feedback on how much distance you’ve covered and how many calories you’re burning. It can even monitor your sleeping patterns, and let you know if the quality of your shuteye is lacking in any way.

3. A more than capable camera and video

If your phone's camera sees a lot of action, you won’t be disappointed with what the S5 has to offer. When the S5 first came out last year its 16MP rear camera was recognised as one of the very best around, and it still takes vibrant, detailed pics that are hard to beat.

Turn the S5 around and you’ll see a 2.1MP camera ideal for selfies – especially when you hit ‘beauty mode’ to get rid of any unsightly blemishes.

The S5 is a great phone for filming videos too, with Full HD resolution that gives you a smooth, faithful reproduction of the action. You can even adjust the settings and turn on 4K video for even greater quality.

4. Awesome battery power

Worried about battery life? Struggling to get through a whole day without charging your current phone? Then you’ll appreciate the long-lasting S5. It’s got a big 2800mAh battery pack backed up by all sorts of smart power-saving technology, which means you’ll get you through a full day (and then some) of regular use.

If you ever do find yourself running low, never fear. The S5’s ultra-power saving mode can stretch your final 10% of juice out for another 24 hours.

And when you eventually do get to a charger, we think you’ll be impressed with the S5’s fast charging capabilities. A quick 15-minute charge will give you enough power for around 8.5 hours.


5. All-weather protection – including showers

The S5 is dust and water-resistant. We’re not suggesting you take it for a dip in the sea though - salt-water doesn’t play nice with any smartphone. When we say that the S5 is water-resistant, we’re thinking more along the lines of using it when you’re out in the rain. Or perhaps even using it in the shower to play your favourite music - or Carphone Warehouse YouTube videos. Each to their own.

Do you swear by your S5? Do you have any more reasons that make it a worthwhile purchase or upgrade? Share your comments below.

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