BlackBerry Venice rumour roundup

Will Venice be BlackBerry's first Android phone?
BlackBerry Venice rumour roundup

Back at Mobile World Congress 2015, BlackBerry showed off a new slider phone, currently thought to be called BlackBerry Venice. It only gave us a glimpse and didn’t tell us anything about the phone, but from the photos the press got we could see it had a slide-out keyboard (like the old BlackBerry Torches) and even a curved screen like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

Since March, the internet has been awash with rumours about the new BlackBerry phone. Here you’ll find them all, from the mad to the likely, as we try to get an idea of what the BlackBerry Venice will be like.

The basics

What is it?
It’s a new category of smartphone for BlackBerry, similar to the BlackBerry Torch that it stopped making a few years ago.

When will it launch?
There’s no official word on if/when BlackBerry Venice will arrive yet, but rumours are touting November.

How much will it cost?
Given its slide-out keyboard and apparent curved screen, BlackBerry Venice will likely cost around the same as a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

BlackBerry Venice

BlackBerry Venice design

When we first heard about BlackBerry Venice at MWC 2015, all we really knew about the phone was how it looked. The early photos of it clearly showed a slide-out keyboard, a feature that we haven’t seen on smartphones for years. It also looked like the screen could have a curved edge, like a Samsung.

Since then, computer generated images claiming to be of the phone (like the one above) have backed up those early photos. The latest shows a big front-facing speaker grill at the bottom. The sliding keyboard will be a big bonus for BlackBerry fans as they’ll get the iconic ease of typing without eating into the screen space.

BlackBerry Venice screen

Judging by the original tease from BlackBerry and recent rumours, Venice is probably coming with a curved screen. It won’t be curved like a LG G Flex2, however. Instead, it seems to be like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. That should give you a few interesting ways of using the phone, but there are no rumours on these yet.

In terms of screen quality, the latest rumours say the BlackBerry Venice will have a Quad HD display, putting it in the same league as the very best Android smartphones. It’s meant to measure 5.4-inches, which is pretty big, and should give you a great viewing experience for movies and games.

BlackBerry Venice software

BlackBerry Venice might run Android. It’s a bold step that a lot of people have been begging for for years. One of the big reasons BlackBerry has suffered in the smartphone market is its relatively small app market. Using Android would solve that problem.

It’s not as big a leap as you might think. BlackBerry OS 10 is already based on Android, which is why it can run Android apps from the Amazon App Store. When the rumour was put to BlackBerry CEO John Chen, he said that BlackBerry would launch an Android phone if it could make the software secure enough.

BlackBerry Venice camera

If you use your phone as your main camera, you’ll be pleased with the rumoured snapper specs for the BlackBerry Venice. It’s said to have an 18MP rear camera, which should be plenty for sharp shots, and a 5MP front camera for clear selfies. Aside from the headline numbers, there’s no other speculation about the Venice’s cameras.

BlackBerry Venice performance

BlackBerry Venice should have the performance to match its expected high price tag. Current rumours say it’ll be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, the same as the LG G4. It has six cores for smooth multitasking and better battery life, and is supposed to run at 1.8GHz in the Venice, which should be plenty for high end games.

Of course, without any official word from BlackBerry, everything here is just speculation. We’ll keep this page updated as we hear more about BlackBerry Venice and we’ll have all the news on the phone when it’s officially unveiled.

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