Best new games for Android and iOS

Warning: some games may cost you hours of your life... seriously
Best new games for Android and iOS

With well over a million apps and games in each of the Android and iOS stores, there’s already loads of choice when it comes to entertainment on your smartphone. But that doesn’t stop creative developers coming up with genius new things for us to download.

Mad Drift

Free on Android and iOS (79p to get rid of ads)

Mad drift

Do you remember Flappy Bird - that hugely addictive impossible game that became so popular the developer had to take it offline to escape the publicity? Well Mad Drift is a worthy successor to the throne of addictive mobile games.

In the game, you need to control a car that has no breaks, drifting it around rocks until you inevitably crash.

It’s brilliantly simple. There are only two controls, left and right. The longer you press one side of the screen, the more you drift. But it’s almost impossible to do well – our typical score was around three until we got a lucky run and posted a high score of 23.

Like Flappy Bird before it, Mad Drift is simple enough to make you think it’s easy, but so challenging it sucks you in until you’ve accidentally lost an hour of your day.

PES Club Manager

Free on Android and iOS

Pretty much every young boy dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Then we grow up, get a bit fat and become slightly more realistic - dreaming about managing our team at the highest levels. Now we can live those dreams on our smartphones because Pro Evolution Soccer has launched PES Club Manager.

The game gives you the chance to build a team around your tactics, training players to play how you want them to and signing the big stars. You even get to build a small town around your stadium, complete with everything a football club needs, from training facilities to a youth academy.

For a free game, it’s got a lot to it. You’ll need a lot of patience to make it big, but if you want to skip ahead quickly (which really should count as cheating) you can always buy extras in the game with real world cash.

Bit Bit Love

79p on Android and iOS

In the world of computers, love is forbidden. After all, who wants a robot with emotions? But two bits, R0D and A5CA, can’t be held apart.

It’s your job to help these two lovers outsmart the traps set by the system and so they can live and love in peace.

Once you get past the ingenious storyline, this game is a kind of Pac Man puzzler. You need to avoid the security guards while picking your way through a maze of straight lines.

The retro graphics look great and there’s an awesome soundtrack that reminds us of old 8-bit computer games like Super Mario Bros.

And with 100 levels so far, Bit Bit Love keeps you entertained for hours.


Free on Android an iOS

Take a trip back to the early ‘90s and battle monsters in MinuteDungeon. Its 8-bit graphics and classic soundtrack make us long for our NES.

The gameplay is pretty unique, with the characters and field of play taking up a tiny portion of your screen. The rest of the space is filled with important information about your character and the monsters you’re facing, as well as the buttons to control the game.

It’s pretty simple to get the hang of. Enter different dungeons, slash at the monsters with your sword and collect the coins that they leave behind. You can then upgrade your weapons and armour so you’re ready to take on bigger, badder enemies.

Snake Rewind

Free on Android and iOS

Back in 1997, mobile phones got the most iconic game in history - Snake. Then, last month, the guy who created that original game refreshed it for smartphone with Snake Rewind, and we got a big dose of nostalgia.

It’s a great game to play. The classic graphics are reassuringly familiar, but the game hasn’t stood still. New features, like power-ups, make Snake Rewind feel fresh and keep things interesting. It might not be as addictive as some simple games, but it’s a game you’ll play for a long time to come.

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