Best mobile games at E3 2015

These are some of our favourite newly announced mobile games.
Best mobile games at E3 2015

E3 2015 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo), the biggest annual event for new games, is winding up today. It’s had some exciting stuff on show, from Minecraft on Microsoft Hololens to a remake of Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation 4. But it’s not all been about the blockbuster console games - mobile games have featured big too.

Fallout shelter

Free on iOS, coming soon to Android

Fallout shelter is the first mobile game in the massive Fallout franchise. Thanks to its pedigree name, it’s been sat at the top of the App Store charts since its unveiling on Sunday, so it’s obviously done something right.

The aim of Fallout shelter is to create a vast underground bunker to protect your Dwellers from the post-apocalyptic world outside. You build new rooms that do different things, like purify water or generate power, and fill them with Dwellers (the survivors of the nuclear apocalypse) that have relevant skills.

To keep your bunker growing, you’ll need more followers. Occasionally someone might wander up to your front door and ask to be let in, but the best way to get more Dwellers is the way nature intended. Put two Dwellers in the same room together for long enough and you’ll get babies, so it’s a bit like The Sims.

There are moments of action in the game, like when raiders try and attack you or Radroaches burrow up through the floors, and for times like these you’ll need to arm your Dwellers. You can get useful items like guns and armour by exploring the wilderness, but if you send a Dweller out there for too long, they won’t make it back.

Fallout Shelter does have some in-app purchases, but they’re not pushed on you like they are in some other games and you can happily get things done without spending real-world cash.

The Elder Scrolls Legends

Coming soon to iOS

The Elder Scrolls Legends is a strategic card game (think of a digital version of Pokémon) that’s coming to iPad later this year. It’s not out yet and the E3 announcement didn’t give a lot of details about the game but we can make some assumptions based on similar games.

The basic idea should involve choosing a class of character to play as and then building a deck of cards based around them. Doing certain things would get you new, better cards that would help you to win battles. It’s likely you’ll also be able to buy extra-special cards with real-world cash if you get stuck.

The Elder Scrolls series has been around for 20 years, so whatever the final gameplay is like, we’re sure it’ll suck up a lot of our spare time. So keep your eyes peeled for more news on the mobile game’s launch date.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is another mobile game based around collecting cards and doing battle. It’s said to feature characters and ships from the first six movies as well as the Clone Wars TV series, so should be a pretty big game.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know so far. But given the game is made the Electronic Arts and features the entire Star Wars universe, we’re really excited to play it.

Minions Paradise

Coming soon to Android and iOS

Minions and building games are two of the most popular things in the world at the moment, and now they’ve been paired up in Minions Paradise.

In the game, you’re given your own private island and have to build different structures, like hot tubs, hammocks, and beach volleyball courts, to create a society of those little yellow creatures. But the game has more to it than most similar ones.

For example, your minions can become experts in alligator waterskiing or can throw mangoes from hot air balloons. There are a lot of fun little extras to go alongside building up your island paradise.

The game’s in a limited release at the moment, so is pretty difficult to get hold of, but it’ll be available to all before long so keep an eye out for it.

Lara Croft Go

Coming soon to mobiles and tablets

The original Tomb Raider was a game so big they made a movie about it. Now, after years in the wilderness, the franchise is being resurrected with new console games and Lara Croft Go, the first Tomb Raider game designed for mobiles.

It’s dropped the action that makes the console games so gripping for a more touch-friendly puzzle gameplay. But from the trailer, it still looks good enough to suck you in. The worlds you navigate Lara through look a lot like the old jungles and tombs she used to explore, so we can’t wait for a dose of nostalgia when the game launches later this year.

If you can’t wait to get Lara on your phone, you can play the original Tomb Raider on Android now.

Final Fantasy VII

Coming soon to iOS

It’s coming to our phones! One of the most iconic computer games of the modern home console era is finally getting turned into a mobile game this year.

Just like in the original game, you’ll play the part of Cloud, building your team of heroes to join you in an epic adventure to defeat Sephiroth, the result of an experiment gone wrong that’s destroying the planet.

Final Fantasy VII first launched on the original PlayStation back in 1997, and now all three discs of it, including the Chocobo side missions, are being turned into one download.

For those of us who’s formative years were in the ‘90s, this is the best news since… well five minutes before the mobile game was announced, when Square Enix told us they were remaking the game for PS4 (check out the trailer for that below).

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