Jurassic World: The game review

Finally, we've got a pet dinosaur.
Jurassic World: The game review

After years of waiting, Jurassic World has finally hit cinema screens. It might not have the same charms as the original Jurassic Park (which is now so old it can legally drink in America) but it’s still got us in a dino-loving mood.

Thankfully, we don’t have to spend all day watching the movie in the cinema to get our Jurassic fix. Universal has teamed up with app developer Ludia and brought out Jurassic World: The game – a kind of cross between Roller Coaster Tycoon and the fight scenes from Final Fantasy.

What’s the aim of the game?

In the game, you’re running the Jurassic World theme park. You have to hatch new dinosaurs and build things to attract more visitors to the park and make more money, just like Roller Coaster Tycoon, but with dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park the game

That’s only one side of the game, however. You also have to battle your dinosaurs to unlock new ones and earn more money and food. And to make sure you win your battles, you need to feed your dinosaurs and evolve them to make them stronger. It’s those battle scenes that remind us of Final Fantasy.

Jurassic Park the game

What’s it like to play?

The graphics aren’t too bad, so you get a really good look at the dinosaurs. I’m a bit of a dino-fan and so far things have been more accurate than the Jurassic Park movies (sorry to spoil the magic, but the things they call velociraptors in the original film are more like utahraptors).

Possibly because of those graphics, this is the only game I’ve played on my Android phone that’s made it get really hot. It’s also been a big drain on battery, so probably isn’t the best entertainment for long train journeys without a charger.

I’ve found Jurassic World: The game to be really addictive, and you can very quickly lose an hour in it. There’s a constant stream of missions coming in that you feel compelled to complete, and watching your dinosaurs eat and grow is pretty absorbing.

To help keep your park and dinosaurs growing, Jurassic World: The game has a few different characters giving you missions. There’s a businesswoman whose goal is to make money, the head of security, who gets you battling your dinosaurs, and various students, scientists and journalists who need you to do other things.

Managing your park is pretty straight forward, tapping on different buildings and hitting ‘Upgrade’, or tapping on the market to buy new dinosaurs and attractions. The really exciting part is, of course, working with your dinosaurs.

You’ve got to get food for your dinosaurs, either by completing missions or from your food production centre, so you can increase the levels on your dinosaurs. Once you’ve got two of the same dinosaur at their maximum level, you can evolve them to create an even more powerful version. Then it’s time to battle.

In battles you have a choice of three moves. You can either attack your opponent, defend or save up your move to use in the next turn. Working out your tactics on when to attack, defend or save moves to get a bonus is crucial to winning a battle – the best defence is not, necessarily, a great offence.

And different dinosaurs have advantages over each other – sauropods (the giant ones with long knecks) have an advantage over pterosaurs (the flying dinosaurs), for example – which is key to whether you’ll win the fight or not.

If you want to give Jurassic World: The game a try, it’s free to download on Android, iOS and Amazon Fire OS. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

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