Android M: What we want to see

What do we want to see in the next sweet installment of Android.
Android M: What we want to see

Marshmallow, muffin or macaroon – whatever Google ends up calling Android M, it’s coming soon. And after the massive changes in look and feel that Android Lollipop brought with Material Design, we’re expecting Android M to be all about new features. So here are some of the things we want Android M to be able to do.

Better notifications

Notifications are always improving, getting easier to read and interact with. In Android M we want smarter notifications that let us reply to messages or like a Facebook post without opening a new app.

We’d also like Android M to be better at syncing notifications between devices. At the moment if you clear a notification from one of Google’s apps on your phone, it’ll go from your tablet and Chromebook too. But notifications from third party apps, like Facebook, don’t sync so well, so you have to swipe them away on all your devices separately.

Big-screen features

Android phones have been growing. The Nexus 6 has a massive 6-inch screen and all the top phones from other manufacturers measure more than 5-inches. With so much screen space, we want Android M to come with features that’ll make the most of it.

Top of the wish-list has to be a built in multi-screen function so you can have two apps open side-by-side. Google could also add floating apps that can be resized and moved around the screen so you can leave them sitting on top of other apps.

More for Android Wear

Google might be a veteran in the wearable world compared to Apple, but now that it’s got some real competition Android M will probably have to bring new features to make the smartwatch experience even better.

It’s hard to imagine what more Google could squeeze onto your wrist, but Android Wear could do with improved notifications and better voice controls.

Get ready for Android Auto

Android Auto is Google’s in car system. At the moment, you just connect your Android phone to a compatible car and you get a simple interface for in car entertainment, maps and other handy stuff. But there could be a version of Android M that’s loaded straight into cars so you don’t need to connect a phone.

The video below shows some of what Google could bring to Android M based on the word from the rumour mill.

What Google already hinted at

Everything we’ve spoken about so far is what we hope to see in Android M. But thanks to the recent release of the Google I/O schedule (that’s Google’s big annual developer conference) we don’t just have to speculate about Android M features. Here’s some of what Google has hinted at.

Android for Work update

If you’ve got a work phone and a personal phone, you should take a good look at Android for Work. It lets you have two versions of the same app on one phone, one version for your personal stuff, and one that can be managed by your company’s IT guys.

The Google I/O schedule shows that there’s a session called ‘Android for Work update’. The session says ‘Android M is bringing the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces’, which could mean Android for Work is being made more secure so it’ll work for more businesses.

Voice Access

Google I/O also has a session called ‘Your app, now available hands-free’. It’s described by Google as: “we introduce Voice Access, a service that gives anyone access to their Android device through voice alone." That sounds like Android M will let you use voice commands in any app.

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