The future of phones

The world of mobile phones is fast moving and ever changing, so what kind of technology can we expect over the next few years?
The future of phones

Mobile phone technology moves at an incredible pace, so what does the future hold?

It’s amazing how fast technology evolves. In the space of a few short years, mobile phones have gone from being bricky things with push buttons to super powerful smartphones. So what’s coming next?


In the not too distant future scientists will perfect true wireless power. It’ll work in a similar way to Wi-Fi. Special radio waves are sent through the air and are picked up by an antenna built into the phones, which turns it into power. You’ll never have to pack a charger again.


Soon, absolutely every feature in your smartphone will be controllable with just your voice, and you won’t even need to press a button to get the phone to listen. In fact, you might never need to use a keyboard again.


Think LEGO®, but as a mobile phone. Instead of replacing the whole phone, you’ll replace the features instead. Want a better camera? Pull out the old one and slot in a new one. Going away for the weekend? Snap in a larger battery.


Expect everything from phones you can wrap around your wrist and wear as a watch, to tiny phones that’ll unfold to become big surfaces you can watch movies on. In fact, a phone that folds out to become a tablet isn’t that far away.


Google Glassis a wearable headset computer that uses voice control. Experts are predicting this is the next big thing, so eventually we’ll all be wearing fancy headsets that we control with hand gestures, potentially recording everything we see and do.


In the future, the odd scratch to your phone won’t be a problem. A special coating, like on the new LG G Flex smartphone, means that when it is scratched the plastic subtly moves around and fills in the scratch, making it vanish.

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