7 woeful video game accessories

We've seen some terrible video game accessories over the years, but this lot have gone above and beyond our expectations.
7 woeful video game accessories

The worst video game add-ons ever

There have been some weird and wonderful gaming accessories through the years, and in this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of our favourites. From the outrageous, to the frankly quite dangerous, here are seven gaming accessories you’ve hopefully not had the displeasure of using.

1. Wii car adapter

Wii car adaptor

If you’re looking to spice up the humdrum morning commute, why not invite a bunch of friends to swing Nintendo Wii controllers around in your car? Handily, you’ll not have to stop for new AA batteries following hours of Wii Sports, because you can charge them up using the cigarette lighter. Which is just next to the driver. What’s the worst that can happen?

2. Konami Laserscope

Konami Lasperscope

When the Konami Laserscope was first released, it probably looked pretty futuristic. It was kind of like a giant, low-tech version of Google Glass, with an extra arm that dangled a crosshair over your right eye. To operate it, you had to shout “fire”, and as you would expect, your character would then fire his or her weapon.

That being said, it only worked some of the time, and we’re sure the neighbours would quickly tire of, “fire, fire, fire, fire, fire!”

3. Every Wiimote adapter

Wiimote accessories

Remember when everyone got a Nintendo Wii for Christmas a few years ago, and after a few months you had a million Wiimote adapters? What were we all thinking? Snooker cues, golf clubs, and annoyingly, bows with no quivers. It’s all very confusing, and ultimately added nothing to the overall gaming experience. Image by T3.

4. Sega Activator

Just like the Konami Laserscope, the Sega Activator was seemingly years ahead of its time – until you used it. The octagonal device clipped together and sat on the floor, with you stood in the middle.

Each of the eight sides represented a different button on the traditional controller, and to make it work you had to pass your hand or foot over the infrared beams. In a way you could look at this as a precursor to the Xbox Kinect… if you squint.

5. DK bongos

DK Bongos

Here's another belter from Nintendo. Donkey Kong is one of the Japanese company’s most beloved characters, but his miniature drums, which doubled up as the A and B buttons, didn't go down well. It was said that more games would be embracing the bongos, but other than Super Smash Bros’ very limited functionality, it never really happened.

6. Sega Bass fishing reel

Sega Bass fishing reel

Yes, this is a real thing (no pun intended). It’s no secret that fishing games have been a part of the gaming industry for a while, but this is overkill. It worked with the Dreamcast and we guess it followed the console straight into the loft when the PlayStation 2 came out.

7. Atari MindLink

Atari MindLink

And last, but certainly not least, is Atari’s MindLink - which is the biggest flop of them all. It was so poor in fact, that it never actually made general release. Using muscles in your head, you became the controller – with infrared sensors translating your twitches into onscreen character movement.

Sadly, players quickly began to suffer headaches after intently staring at a screen and constantly raising and lowering their eyebrows. Never mind, eh?

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