Best things to ask Google Assistant

"OK, Google... what can you do?"
Best things to ask Google Assistant

Google’s best responses and quips

Google Assistant is the new virtual presence on the block, debuting on Pixel and Pixel XL. And it’s pretty clued in on most things, with access to Google’s seemingly infinite database of knowledge. But as with any new smartphone virtual assistant, we wanted to find out what makes it different to the others.

Here are a few novelty things you can ask Google Assistant:

This timeless deli joke

Accompanied by a magical sound effect, Assistant clearly has a sense of humour.

Voice of an angel

Although you can’t tell from the screenshot, it sings in a high-pitched female voice. And through our testing it replied with different song snippets every time we commanded it to perform.

Drop a beat

Why is there never a beat-boxing aficionado around when you need one? Google’s got your back.

No need for a tuner

Can’t find your tuner? You can ask Google to play any note to help you tune up, running through several octaves on a (virtual) piano.

Random facts

Just in case you’re looking for some interesting trivia, there’s a seemingly endless amount of random facts at your disposal.

Selfie control

Need to take a quick selfie? Just ask Google and it will launch the camera app and give you a three-second countdown.

It laughs – and it’s weird

This is just creepy. Yep, it giggles, too.

Have you got a Pixel or Pixel XL? Let us know what you’ve been talking to Google Assistant about in the comments section below.

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