Stay safe with 4 security tips for your Windows phone

Safer browsing and security tips for Windows Phone...
Stay safe with 4 security tips for your Windows phone

Windows smartphones are packed with security features to keep your privacy intact.

From built-in antivirus software and controlling who can use your apps to futuristic facial recognition passwords – there’s lots you can do to boost your phone’s security.

Here are four tips to keep your phone secure…

Set up Windows Hello

Facial recognition passwords aren’t the stuff of science fiction anymore – you can find them on top-of-the-range Windows 10 Lumia phones.

Unlock your phone by looking at it with Windows Hello – turning your eyes into a biometric password. It works by scanning your iris each time you open your phone – which is said to be 200 times more secure than a fingerprint sensor.

Why use a biometric password instead of a regular one? It’s totally unique to you. A hacker could crack your pin code, but they’d be hard pushed to replicate your iris.

To set it up, hold your phone to your eyes for a moment while it learns what you look like. From then on you’ll be able to log in with your eyes.

What can you do with Windows Hello?

  • Log into your phone – as your eyes are the key to unlocking your phone, you’ll never have to remember pin codes or passwords again
  • Buy apps – get an extra layer of security when you purchase apps from the Microsoft Store
  • Adjust your settings – make sure no one tampers with your setup if they for any reason get hold of your phone

Which phones have Windows Hello? The Lumia 950 and 950 XL can be used with Windows Hello facial recognition.

Restrict who can do what with Apps Corner

Sometimes your phone gets passed around between different people. Maybe your kids are nagging you to play Candy Crush Saga, or someone’s asked to make a call on it.

To keep your personal stuff safe, set up Apps Corner on your Windows phone and you can restrict the apps they see. It works by creating a custom Start screen featuring only the apps you’re happy for other people to use.

Set it up by going to: Settings > Accounts > Apps Corner

Apps Corner sits on your Start menu so you can launch it whenever you want. To exit, simply hold down the Power button and swipe right.

Be careful when using public Wi-Fi

Whether it’s in your local coffee shop or even on the bus to work – you’re probably logging into public Wi-Fi several times a day from your phone.

These networks are really useful if you don’t want to eat up your data allowance by browsing on 4G. But public Wi-Fi isn’t as secure as the network you use at home because anyone can log in. That makes you a lot more vulnerable to hackers.

As a rule, don’t do anything that could put you at risk. Catching up on the news or watching the footie highlights is alright – but avoid activities like online shopping where you have to enter your credit card information. It goes without saying that online banking on a public Wi-Fi network is a big no-no. Instead, save these tasks for when you’re at home.

Download updates when they’re available

Keep your security system up to date and you’ll stay one step ahead of new threats. The best way to do this is by updating your software. Windows regularly releases software updates for you to download – you should get a notification whenever they’re available.

You can also check for updates by going to Settings > Phone update > Check for updates

We recommend downloading updates over a Wi-Fi network if you’re worried about using up your data allowance. Make sure your phone is charged and you have enough storage space to download it.

Updating your software will also ensure your antivirus protection is working at its best to tackle nasty malware, bots and Trojans. Windows Defender comes built-in with your phone and gives you a pretty good base layer of protection. It works by automatically scanning your programs and downloads for viruses.

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