5 things you need to know about Uber

Everything you should know about the on-demand taxi service...
5 things you need to know about Uber

Changing the taxi game

Uber is quickly conquering the world with its convenient, on-demand taxi service, now established in 506 cities across the globe. It's become commonplace so quickly that it’s already replacing words we’ve used for decades – terms like ‘cab’ and ‘taxi’ are dying out, substituted for the plain and simple ‘Uber’.

“How’re you getting home?”
“I’ll just Uber it.”

But with the company’s rapid expansion, it’s easy to lose track of everything there is to know about the new age of travel. Here are some of our top tips...

Tipping’s allowed

Although Uber is a cashless service, you can tip your driver. There seems to be some confusion as to whether or not your online payment automatically includes a tip, but it doesn’t. So if you think your driver has done a great job, let them know about it the old fashioned way.

Always review your experience

If you’ve Ubered before, you’ll know have noticed a five-star review option after completing your journey. Drivers receive ratings from their passengers, and in turn, passengers receive ratings from their drivers.

But how important are these ratings? Very, it turns out. If a driver falls below a certain star rating, they could lose their job. So unless you’ve genuinely had a poor experience, stick five stars on your driver’s profile.

If you want to find out how much of a good customer you are, you can find out your rating on the app. Go to Settings > Help > Account and payment > Account settings and payment > I'd like to know my rating.

Referring a friend

If you’re travelling with somebody who doesn’t have an Uber account, give them your promo code. This means that they’ll get £10 off their first journey, and in return, you’ll get £10 off your next journey.

You can find your promo code on the app by going to Settings > Promotion > Want Free Rides?

Avoid the surge pricing

Uber’s prices surge when the area you’re trying to get a lift from is busy. The higher fare attracts drivers, meaning they’ll head to the busy areas so everyone there can get a ride. Once the demand for rides has dropped back to a normal level, the surge price will finish.

It’s a pretty elegant system, but at the end of the day, you don’t want to be paying over the odds for a lift. So, if you’re in a rush – or just particularly impatient – here’s how to monitor and avoid the surge pricing with your smartphone.

iPhone users should check out Surge Tracking for Uber, available from the App Store. While Android users should look out for NoMoreSurge on the Google Play Store.

Food delivered to your door - UberEATS

Uber has recently expanded into a food delivery service called UberEATS. To get your favourite restaurant’s signature dish delivered to your door, simply head to the app. And if your food doesn’t arrive within 30 minutes, you’ll get £30 towards your next order.

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