How to record your Android gaming

There’s a new feature on Google Play Games that lets you record your gameplay, and yourself.
How to record your Android gaming

If you’ve always dreamed of filming your awesome Android gaming victories and sharing them on YouTube, you’re in luck. There’s now a nifty new function on Google Play Games that lets you do exactly that.

Just imagine how much more fun beating your mate in a game will now be. You’ll be able to show them actual footage of their embarrassing defeat - time and time (and time) again. And even better, you’ll be able to upload the evidence onto YouTube for the whole world to see. Result, eh?

Record your games, and yourself

The new feature lets you record footage of your video games, and it also has options for voice and video commentary.

So if you want, you can be a key part of the video. If you've always fancied yourself as a YouTube gaming commentator with millions of followers, now's your chance!

Look for the record button

You’ll need to have Google Play Games (earliest version 3.4.12) installed on your device to take advantage of the recording feature. When you're in this new version of Google Play Games, you'll notice that every game now has a red ‘record’ button beside the green ‘play’ button.

Press the red button from the game description screen, and you’ll be given the option of recording your game in HD (high definition) or SD (standard definition). We tried out both, and there was quite a difference.

In HD we could zoom in and out of our Clash of the Clans battle without any loss in definition. Doing the same in SD resulted in some pretty grainy footage.

As far as file size goes, a 45-second HD video took up 14MB of our precious storage space, whereas a cheeky 45-second SD video asked for less than half of that amount – about 6MB.

Let the games begin

After you select HD or SD, your game will begin. You can now choose your in-game filming options.

Just above your circular red record button, you’ll see a couple of buttons for video and audio recording that can be toggled on and off...

If you turn the video off, you’ll see a green keyboard instead of your game face. It takes up a fair bit of space, but you can move it about during the game if it starts getting in the way of the onscreen action.

To get going, press record. After a 3-second countdown you’ll be filming the game. When you want to end the action, press the large circle for the small square stop button to appear. When you press stop, you’ll be given the option of uploading your video to YouTube.

Here’s one we prepared earlier.

What you’re watching here is an epic performance from Judd, one of The Lowdown team. They started filming as they took their first shot, to record what they hoped would be an amazing comeback.

Unfortunately they missed the pocket by a mile, and lost the game in the next shot. Without potting a single ball.

How embarrassing. And it’s now on YouTube.

Can you do any better? Of course you can. Try out this new feature for yourself, and feel free to share your best bits in the comments section below. Good luck!

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