Make the most of Dropbox

With Dropbox, you can store and share everything from those important work documents to family photos and videos. Here’s how to make the most of it.
Make the most of Dropbox

Dropbox (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry) is one of the most popular file storage and sharing services around. It’s a great place to keep all your important files, from work documents and study guides to family photos and videos.

Because Dropbox stores all your files safely in the cloud , you can access them from different devices, even when you’re out and about.

Dropbox also makes it easy to send any of your files to anyone you know, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account. It’s a great way of working together with colleagues on the same document, and you can easily track all the changes that have been made (more on that later).

Dropbox is packed with useful features and its fair share of cool tricks. Even if you’ve been using it for a while you might not know them all - so to help you make the most of it, here are a few of our top tips.

1. Get more space for free

Dropbox gives you 2GB of space for free, but you can easily help yourself to loads more. Referring a friend to Dropbox is worth a cool 500MB. And if you fancy sending a simple tweet about how much you love Dropbox, you’ll be treated to an extra 125MB. Result.

Head on over to Dropbox’s Get More Space page for a list of all the ways you can get bonus space.

2. Let’s take it offline

No internet? Not a problem – you can still view your most important Dropbox files. You do this by simply ‘favouriting’ the file in question, which means you’ll then be able to view it offline.

To ‘favourite’ your file, tap the quick option button (that’s the circle with a ‘v’ shape in it) to the right of the file name. Scroll down a bit until you see the ‘favourite’ option beside the star icon, and give it a tap. You’ll now be able to view the file offline, at your leisure.

3. Create and share your own photo album

Don’t forget that the files you save on Dropbox can be things like photos, videos and music. This means you can create a photo album – of a big family event like a birthday or wedding – and let your relatives (even the less internet-savvy ones) add their own photos to it.

Simply sign up to the free Send to Dropbox service, and you’ll get an email address where everyone can send photos to. You can then collect them in a Dropbox folder and share the link.

4. Rescue deleted files

Accidents happen. We’ve all experienced that horrible feeling when you realise your important file’s gone missing, perhaps a day or two after you got slightly carried away on that space clearing/document deleting mission you were on.

But if your file was on Dropbox, fear not. Because Dropbox keeps deleted files for 30 days.

So calm down, take a deep breath and head over to the website version of Dropbox. Then clock the trash icon to the left of your search bar. All your recently deleted files will be there in grey, so click on the one you want to rescue, and then ‘Restore’. Job done, panic over. You’ve got your file back!

5. Track those changes

If you’re collaborating on a document with other colleagues, it’s helpful to be able to see exactly what changes have been made (especially if somebody makes a mistake and you want to avoid getting the blame).

Log in to your website version of Dropbox and select ‘Events’ from the left hand menu. You’ll be able to view all the changes that have been made, and who made them.

What do you think of Dropbox? Do you have any hints and tips of your own to share? Feel free to comment below.

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