Have an appy International Coffee Day

Coffee lovers of the world unite. It's your day, so let's have some app-based fun.
Have an appy International Coffee Day

Wake up and smell International Coffee Day

That's right coffee lovers, today is all about you. It's International Coffee Day, which means... well it probably means today is much like any other day. You wake up far too early, and somehow manage to struggle heroically to your favourite daily coffee place. You ask for your usual, and after two or three sips, all is well and you're able to face the day ahead.

But today is International Coffee Day, so you need to do something a litte extra to make it special. Like download one of these java-themed apps, perhaps?

Coffee apps to kickstart your day

Baristame is perfect for anyone with a passion for the seeds of the berries of the Coffea plant (or we could have just said coffee). If you’re keen to move on from the Americano or Latte, and want to try something new, this app could (quite literally) help open your eyes to a whole new level of morning splendour. Available from the Google Play Store.

However, if the idea of brewing your own coffee at home sounds absurd, (and lets be honest, it generally tastes better when someone else makes it for you) check out London’s Best Coffee. Sorry non-Londoners.

This is the map to the greatest independent caffeine-dispensing cafés and stalls in the city. Available from the App Store and the Google Play Store. You’re welcome.

You want music with your coffee?

Once your coffee is safely in hand, why not launch Spotify and get some suitable sounds on? Try the Your Morning Coffee playlist or COFFEEHOUSE BLEND playlist – this lot will help ease you into the day, we promise. If that’s not doing it for you fear not - we've come up with some song suggestions that might strike a chord:

  • Squeeze - Black Coffee In Bed
  • Chris Rea - Espresso Logic
  • Rolling Stones - Start Me Up
  • Bob Dylan - One More Cup Of Coffee
  • Frank Sinatra - The Coffee Song


If you don't recognise any of the guys above, ask your parents. But trust us, they're worth listening to.

Our closing tip has to be this little gem, which goes by the name of Coffitivity - a library of genuine coffee shop sounds to trick your mind into thinking you're elsewhere. Available for Android and iOS.

By now you should be well on your way to a memorable International Coffee Day. Go get 'em.

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