8 hidden features on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Make the most of your Samsung Galaxy S6 with these secret settings.
8 hidden features on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Do you want something that will really make you stand out? Check out our exclusive, or ahem – ‘ex-blue-sive’, Samsung Galaxy S6, available order now. To celebrate, we’re looking at some of the best secret features the Galaxy S6 has to offer – how many do you know?

1. Palm swipe for screenshot

On most Android smartphones, you can capture a screen shot by pressing the power button and the volume key at the same time - however, Samsung is a little different. By swiping across the screen (with your hand positioned as if you were to shake someone else’s hand – not palm down), you can capture an image.

If it’s not working on your Samsung, it mightn’t be automatically setup – look for Motion and gesture controls in the Settings menu.

2. Easy mode

If you feel you would benefit from a larger font or more basic layout on the S6, it might be worth checking out Easy mode. By enabling this, it strips the S6 down to your favourite apps and contacts, providing a really straightforward user experience.

To activate it, go to settings and look for Easy mode.

3. Palm mute

Ever found yourself in an important meeting, and you’re suddenly met by a random phone call? To quickly mute the incoming call, place your palm over the screen, or turn the phone over so it’s screen-down on the table.

Again, this might not be set up automatically, so check out Gesture and motion controls in the phone’s settings.

4. Split screen view

Do you find that working with just one screen at a time is holding you back? With the S6, you can use two apps at the same time – meaning twice the productivity with split screen view. The easiest way to do this is by holding down on the task manager button (bottom left), and you’ll then be able to select two apps to use together by choosing from the list.

5. Download booster

Feeling a little impatient? The S6 lets you team up a Wi-Fi connection with your 4G, so you can download stuff at super speed. Just go to settings, more connection settings, and tap ‘download booster’ to turn it on.

6. Smart stay

Smart stay is a pretty clever feature that uses the front-facing camera to detect whether or not you’re still reading your phone. If the lens can see that you’re still busy, it will postpone the automatic screen dim or sleep mode. Check it out at Settings, Display, Smart Stay.

Be the first to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 in blue by pre-ordering here, and if you have something to add, leave us a comment below.

7. Quick launch

Have you ever said to yourself, 'I wish I'd caught that on camera'? With Quick Launch, you can get the S6's 20MP camera rolling in a mere 0.7 seconds, so you won't miss even the most fleeting moments.

8. Mini apps

A great way to multitask on the S6 is to use mini apps. To shrink an app, just swipe diagonally down from the top right hand corner to put it in its own scaled-down box. The mini app can then be resized and turned into a mini 'stay on' bubble to help you do and see more.

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