Essential apps for your Android phone

Got yourself an Android smartphone? It's time to head to the app store and fill it up.
Essential apps for your Android phone

When you get a Android phone, making the most of its millions of uses is a challenge. So here’s our pick of the essential apps you need to get the best from your new mobile.


Google Play Store: Free

The Cloud is a network of more than 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country, and with FastConnect you can automatically log in whenever you’re in range. The app, and the hotspots, are free to use, so you can save money on your data bill.

Mobile PocketMobile-Pocket

Google Play Store: Free

Ever done a week’s shopping just to find you’ve left your Clubcard at home and won’t be able to cash in on the bonus points? With Mobile-Pocket, you can store all your loyalty cards on your phone so you never leave them behind again.

SwiftkeySwiftKey Keyboard

Google Play Store: Free, offers in-app purchases

Text messages, emails, Google searches… you’ll use the keyboard on your new phone all the time, so upgrade it to SwiftKey for fast and easy typing. SwiftKey learns how you type, so it can predict what you’re going to say and correct spellings. It even learns the emojis you use most.


Google Play Store: Free, offers in-app purchases

You’ll store a lot of information on your new Android phone – phone numbers, email address, bank details etc. That’s why it’s important to keep it safe and virus free. Lookout scans your apps for malware, lets you find your find if it’s lost or stolen and lets you backup your contacts. And it can do a lot more to protect you if you buy the premium version.


Google Play Store: Free for 14 days, £8.99 for premium

You need a strong, unique password for ever account you have online. But it’s impossible to remember dozens of random collections of letters, numbers and symbols. With LastPass, you only need to remember one strong password for the app and it’ll create and store strong passwords for all your other accounts, protecting you from hackers.


Google Play Store: Free, offers in-app purchases

Evernote is the ultimate note-taking app. You can create anything from shopping lists to detailed research and then access it all on any device through the app or online. And Evernote can search for text in photos and PDFs, so you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for quickly.

Hyper TimelapseHyper Timelapse

Google Play Store: Free

Time lapse videos are amazing. They can even make a morning walk to work look like an interesting adventure. And, Hyper Timelapse/Hyperlapse makes it easy to create these sped-up movies. The app’s easy to use, with controls for all your camera settings so you can make your videos look perfect.

Monument ValleyMonument Valley

Google Play Store: £2.99

This award winning puzzle game is as beautiful as it is challenging. The 3D artwork that makes up each level of Monument Valley creates puzzles that your eyes won’t believe as you navigate the Silent Princess through her adventure.

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