What to look for in a new mobile phone contract

Make sure you get the right deal for you with these tips...
What to look for in a new mobile phone contract

Choosing the right plan to meet all your needs can be tricky as you try to balance minutes, texts and data with your monthly budget. So before you upgrade, make sure you think about these parts of your new deal.

4G mobile internet

4G mobile internet is up to five times faster than 3G, so it’s a must-have for your new contract. It’s also more reliable and now covers around 80% of homes, so you’ll be able to get online more often. You can find out if you’re in a 4G area using our network coverage checker.

Data allowance

When you’re searching for a new deal, think carefully about how much internet you want to use on your phone. Your contract will also need to include enough data for increasingly advanced apps - you don’t want to find you don’t have enough in a year’s time.

Check out this article for more information: How much data do I need?

Type of contract

When shopping for a new deal, there are three types of contract to consider if you want to get the best value: pay monthly, SIM only, and flexible leasing:

1. Pay monthly
With a pay monthly contract you’ll pay a set amount each month and get a phone, minutes, texts and internet data included. These contracts give you excellent value and are are a cost effective way of getting the latest phones. They let you spread the cost of your phone across 24 months, making them more affordable.

2. SIM only
With SIM only contracts you get minutes, texts and data included but no phone. SIM only deals either run for one month (and are renewed each month until you cancel them) or they run for 12 months and you pay less as you’re tied into a fixed term. They’re short and are perfect if you already have a phone, or are waiting for a new one to come out.

3. Flexible leasing
You can get your hands on the latest smartphones every year, with Carphone Warehouse's Flexible Leasing. Through fixed monthly rental payments you can always have the latest tech, and might then be able to switch to the latest device after 12 months. All the smartphones attached to Flexible Leasing are unlocked, so you can attach them whichever network you like.


Smartphones can now do much more than ever before. That means you have new things to think about when shopping for your new deal, so check out our guide to finding the right phone for you.


When you get a new contract, it’s easy to keep your monthly bill about the same AND get better value at the same time - that's because most new contracts will include more minutes, texts and data than your old one. Plus, all the major networks give you excellent freebies like free mobile TV or music downloads.

Of course, price is always important. That’s why Carphone Warehouse has a Price Promise - if you find a deal cheaper than ours, we’ll match it and pay your first month.

If you have any more questions about finding your perfect deal, head to the comments below.

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