How to play music on your wearable

Wearables are the big thing in mobile technology at the moment, allowing us to do so much without touching our phone. Here's how to play music through it.
How to play music on your wearable

The avid runners out there will be very aware of how frustrating it is to have a smartphone with you when exercising. They’re big, and they jump around when you’re doing your thing. But,all your music is inside them – and who jogs in silence these days?

This is where the world of wearables could open your eyes to a brighter future. You may already have a smartwatch that you use to track your heart rate and how far you’ve run, but did you know you can save music in there too?


You’ll need an Android Wear-powered wearable, a Google account and a set of Bluetooth headphones. A few of our favourite Wear smartwatches include the Moto 360, LG G Watch R and Sony Smartwatch 3, all available from the Carphone Warehouse website.

Google Musicoffers both a free and premium service, and you can also upload up to 20,000 of your own tracks from your computer. Here’s what you need to do to get your music saved to your watch.

First of all, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and connect your smartwatch – this will allow the devices to talk to each otherwirelessly. Now head to the Google Play store and download the Android Wear app which, if you don’t already have it, lets you control the settings on your watch. You’ll also need the Play Music app (picture right) although this may already be preinstalled on your phone.

Once they’re both downloaded, make sure the Play Music title appears under ‘Voice actions’ in the Android Wear app, and then head to the ‘Settings’ sections in the Google Music app, which is topleft.Scroll down and make sure you have the tick box checked that reads ‘Download to Android Wear’.

Now it’s time to get some music, and if you want to give this a try before committing to the whole nine yards, there are a lot of great songs available for absolutely nothing.

Now you’ve got your music, it will automatically sync to your watch – great work so far. You now need to pair your smartwatch with your Bluetooth headphones. To do this, tap once on the face of the watch, and scroll down to ‘Settings’, and then select ‘Bluetooth devices’. Once tapped, the watch will look for your headphones (which need to be turned on to be discoverable), and you’ll need to tap the headphones’ name when it pops up on the watch’s display. Almost there – we promise.

To play the music you’ve saved to your watch, tap again on the face of the watch and scroll down to ‘Play music’. When it asks you if you want to play on the phone, tap the ‘X’ and continue to the option of ‘Play on Wear’. You should then be presented with all your amazing music. Happy listening.

If you have any questions about Android Wear, get in touch by leaving a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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