5 reasons you need a smartphone stylus

Without pointing any fingers, here’s how you should use your phone…
5 reasons you need a smartphone stylus

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is only a few weeks away now, so prepare to be impressed. It looks set to be one of the best ever Android smartphones, and its iconic S-Pen will have more features than ever crammed into its pencil thin body.

During a recent media event, Samsung CEO DJ Koh said the S Pen would have “many new features.” According to reputable tech websites like TechRadar, the new and improved S Pen will be equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing it to be used as a camera shutter button (ideal for selfies), and as a remote control for media presentations. We'll find out more at Samsung's Unpacked event for the Note9, which takes place on 9 August.

Why do you need a smartphone stylus?

Not all phone owners are convinced they need a stylus - even one as impressive as the S Pen. Steve Jobs wasn’t exactly a fan, famously saying “Yuck! Nobody wants a stylus!” when he unveiled the first iPhone back in 2007.

But that was a long time ago, and a lot has changed since then. Smartphones’ screens are a lot bigger, for a start.

So, if you’ve never used a stylus before, perhaps its time to reconsider? Here are five reasons that might convince you…

1. Be more accurate, make fewer errors
You’ve been using your thumbs and fingers to tap away on your smartphone for years, right? But let’s be honest. They’re not the perfect shape and size for that delicate task. A smartphone stylus, on the other hand, is. That’s what it’s been designed for.

The smaller tip on a stylus gives you much more accuracy than using your fingers. You’ll be able to do everything with greater precision, from selecting documents and files to typing on your onscreen keyboard. Once you get used to using your stylus, you’ll make fewer errors.

2. Do things quicker
You can do things quicker with a stylus. If you’ve ever struggled to select a block of text to cut and paste, you’ll appreciate how much more accurate and speedy it becomes. You’ll also be able to whizz through menus, and quickly jot down handwritten notes.

3. Find your way around a big screen

A stylus can help you easily navigate around larger smartphone screens, especially if you’ve got smaller hands. If you’re getting a little fed up of trying to stretch your fingers to the edge of your beautiful bezel-free display, it could be time to give them a rest, and use a stylus to type and swipe instead.

4. Keep your screen clear
If you use your phone for watching movies on, you’ll want your display to be looking as clear and as pristine as possible. Unfortunately, fingers smudge smartphone screens. Fortunately, using a stylus doesn’t.

Also, when you interact with your phone with a stylus you’ll be able to see what you’re doing more clearly. Your fingers will typically obscure more of the screen.

5. Unleash your inner artist

Drawing, sketching and creating artwork on your smartphone isn’t easy using your fingers. A stylus makes a huge difference, and gives you much more control of brush strokes. You’ll be able to add the kind of fine detail that just isn’t possible with your fingers.

Editing photos and video is another thing you’ll be able to do more accurately with a stylus. It’s the perfect tool for precise tasks like selecting individual pixels.

So, have we convinced you to put down your fingers and pick up a stylus? Will you be upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and giving the new and improved S Pen a go? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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