Will your phone survive a holiday splash?

If you’re planning on taking your phone poolside, read on…
Will your phone survive a holiday splash?

Are you about to jet off on your hols to some exotic sun-kissed location? Lucky you. You’ll be taking your phone, of course. It’s an essential travel companion.

But before you hit the pool or beach, a word of warning. Don’t go swimming with your phone, even if it’s fully water-resistant.

Seawater is full of salt, and like all corrosive substances, it’s not going to play nice with your phone’s insides. Your hotel pool, meanwhile, will have various chemicals in it to keep the water clean. These chemicals aren’t going to do your phone any good either.

Okay, so what does water-resistant actually mean then, we hear you ask. And what does it actually protect your smartphone against? Good questions. Let’s try and answer them…

Is my phone water-resistant?

To find out how watertight your phone is, you need to find out its IP rating. This’ll be in the instruction manual somewhere.

The IP rating is a two-digit number that tells you how good your phone is at withstanding dust and water. The first digit refers to protection against solid particles including dust, and the second digit refers to moisture and water.

If your phone has an IP67 or IP 68 rating, it’s classified as being water and dust-resistant. IP68 is the best. It means your phone has been tested in laboratory conditions and can withstand being submerged in 1.5m of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

More reading: What do IP ratings really mean?

What can I do with my water-resistant smartphone?

An IP68 rating guarantees your phone protection in fresh water only. So it can handle being used in the rain, splashed with a drink of water, or perhaps even being dropped in the sink or bath. If it does get wet, you should dry it thoroughly with a soft, clean cloth as soon as you can.

Your IP rating doesn’t guarantee protection from submersion in other liquids. We’ve already mentioned seawater and pool water, but you can add beer, wine coffee, and fizzy drinks to the list. If you do spill your favourite holiday drink on your IP68 rated handset and quickly clean it, you should be fine. But if you leave your phone in any liquid for a prolonged amount of time, you could be in trouble.

What are the best water-resistant smartphones?

Here are a few of our favourite smartphones with an IP68 rating. If you make one of these your holiday handset, you won’t go far wrong.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung’s latest flagship is an incredible phone. Its iconic 5.8-inch Infinity Display stretches from edge to edge, and the main camera has a dual aperture for capturing amazing photographs in all sorts of lighting conditions. You’ll also be able to shoot stunning super slow-mo videos.

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S9 here.

LG V30

The LG V30 has a super-slim body, a 6-inch Quad HD+ OLED display, a dual lens camera and an innovative video camera. It includes a feature called Point Zoom, which lets you smoothly pan into any point on the screen by giving it a quick tap. This really helps to give your videos a more professional look.

You can buy the LG V30 here.

Samsung Galaxy A8

The Galaxy A8 isn’t one of Samsung’s flagship phones, but it’s not all that far off. It’s packed with premium features, including a bezel-less 5.6-inch Infinity Display and a dual lens selfie camera. This lets you create selfies with arty blurred backgrounds, and you can even adjust the effect even after you’ve taken the shot.

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy A8 here.

Sony Xperia XZ2

The Sony Xperia XZ2 has a seamless aluminium frame protected by super-tough Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It offers the world’s first 4K HDR movie recording in a smartphone, with super slo-mo in Full HD.

If you like playing mobile games when you’re relaxing on holiday, you’ll love the XZ2’s Dynamic Vibration System. It makes the phone vibrate in time with what’s happening in the game, so you’ll feel all the action through your fingertips. It also works on music, movies and even the videos you record yourself, adding excitement to whatever you’re watching.

You can buy the Sony Xperia XZ2 here.

Have you got a good water-resistant phone you’d recommend? Any tips on keeping your phone from falling in the drink on holiday? Share your thoughts below.

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