Best Twitter accounts for the World Cup

Footy stats and funny tweets – we’ve got it covered...
Best Twitter accounts for the World Cup

It’s football time. But as we look to the action on the pitch, there’ll also be plenty going on online. Twitter in particular will be a goldmine of funny World Cup content and stats galore. But with so much content out there, who do you follow?

Read on, and find out.

Football 365


F365 is always a reliable port of call for football news and analysis. There’s no hold barred opinion from their regular writers, and guest blogs too. F365 also does a nice line in media-related content, whether that’s dissecting the written press or celebrating a legendary commentator. A must-follow this World Cup.

Footy Humour


Does exactly what it says on the tin. Humorous things about football. Things like goalkeepers making horrible errors (sorry for reminding you, Liverpool fans), outrageous timewasting and pithy comments from the wonderful world of football. Expect more of the good stuff from them over the coming few weeks.

Fisted Away


As they say in their bio, they “used to do a website but turns out Twitter is way easier”. They certainly make it look easy, with loads of sharp football observations, and personal bits that help you get to know the author too. There’s comment on the big football stories doing the rounds (like the recent Raheem Sterling furore, as you’ll see below) and links to other interesting football content.

Boring James Milner


James Milner


Let’s go back a few years to the time when Liverpool midfielder James Milner’s unspectacular playing style and underwhelming demeanour led to the Boring James Milner account being set up. Featuring such nuggets as this…

Then – and all credit to him for this – the actual James Milner decided to join Twitter himself, and play along with the joke.

With Milner (the real one) having retired from international football and free to tweet, both accounts should be fun to follow over the course of the World Cup.

Tifo Football


Here’s something a little different from the rest. Tifo football bills itself as providing “informative, illustrated football analysis,” and it backs that up with illustrated content and videos on topics like Iceland’s unlikely qualification for the World Cup, Frank Lampard’s playing career (as he takes up the manager’s role at Derby) and profiles of players that could make a splash at the World Cup. This is interesting, intelligent stuff and is well worth a follow.

FIFA World Cup


We can’t write a whole article about Twitter accounts to follow during the World Cup without highlighting the actual official account. So here it is. Alongside the promotional messages (you can skip over those), there are interviews, highlights, news, votes and competitions.

Any we missed?

That’s our six of the best football Twitter accounts (seven if you include both Milner ones), but there must be some we missed. What’s your go-to Twitter feed for football fun and gossip? Let us know below the line.

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation here…

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