A great phone for every kind of child

Whatever your child’s needs, there’s a smartphone for them...
A great phone for every kind of child

Every child is different, and they all want different things from their phone. Whether they’re growing up fast and need a phone to make them feel connected to the world, or just need something simple so they can call you when they need you – choose a phone that’s just right for them.

Read on and you’ll see that there’s a great phone for every child.

Phones for kids who want to feel safe – and which give parents peace of mind

It’s important for your kids to know that they can always call or text you. Whatever the time, whatever the reason, they’ll know you’re always there for them. And it works both ways – for you, just hearing your child’s voice at the end of the line or getting a simple text is enough to know they’re ok. If peace of mind is all that’s needed, an affordable Nokia 3310 or Alcatel 1066 on pay as you go may be just the thing.

Phones for young explorers

Some kids just love getting hands on. Really getting to grips with a new phone, and fully immersing themselves in an exciting world of technology. While they’re excited, it’s a good time for them to learn some mobile essentials. Things like knowing the difference between data and WiFi, and when to use them.

SIM free and SIM only options might be the way forward here. You can choose the phone you want, then get the tariff that’s right for you – maybe you could get a one or 12 month tariff rather than committing to a 24 month pay monthly contract. It’s completely flexible. As for the kinds of phones you might choose, how about a reliable Nokia 3 or a Moto C packed with all the essentials. Or go with a Sony XA1 or Samsung A3. These would all be great options for your young explorer.

If you’ve already got an old phone you’re handing down, a SIM Only plan would be ideal.

As you've already got the handset, you’ll be paying for data, minutes and texts only.

Alternatively, pay as you go offers great value, like the £10 top up from iD (500 minutes / unlimited texts / 1GB data).

Phones for kids who just want to be… free!

Give your child the freedom to message, chat and discover – but with the safety net of limited tariffs to avoid bill shock.

A monthly data allowance means your child will always be able to get online. And with plenty of minutes and texts, you’re always in touch.

If you’re on a budget, the easy-to-use Samsung J3 and Nokia 3 are good options, or let them truly roam free with a Samsung J5 or iPhone SE.

Phones with limits

You may want to restrict the time your child spends online. No worries. It’s easy to set a limit as to how long can be spent on the internet. And if you were to choose a pay as you go plan, you get more control over the bill – no surprises.

The Alcatel A3 Plus is only available at Carphone Warehouse, and would be a good bet here. Or how about a Nokia 2, which has a great battery life? Then there’s the Samsung J3 or Huawei Y6, which has a really good quality camera. All available on pay as you go.

And for kids who want to express themselves…?

A phone accessory can help your child bring their personality to their phone. Whether it’s a case that reflects them, or something useful that will help them get more from their phone – from headphones and power banks to VR headsets, for example - it’s all about letting them express themselves.

Carphone Warehouse has the widest range of phones and manufacturers – and a whole load of different colours – so there’s definitely something that will help your child express their personality.

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