A guide to spring cleaning your smartphone

Your smartphone needs some tidying up, too...
A guide to spring cleaning your smartphone

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the urge to spruce up your home with a spring clean. You spend practically 24 hours a day with your smartphone so why not show that some love, too. Here are some phone spring-cleaning tips.

Sort those apps out

Did you know the average smartphone user has around thirty apps installed but only uses five of those frequently? It’s time to get cutthroat.

Delete all the apps you don’t use anymore, and then move all the apps you rarely use into a folder that isn’t on your main home screen.

Go one step further and sort all your apps in priority order. If you’re a WhatsApp fiend, place it front and centre on your homepage. Terrified to check your bank balance too often? Maybe slide your banking app over to page two.

Manage your texts, photos and music

While the odd text and photo don’t take up too much space, they can add up pretty fast. Cull the ones you don’t want to keep as you go so they don’t pile up. You can even automatically delete old text messages on both iPhone and Android.

On iPhone open Settings > Messages > MESSAGE HISTORY > Keep Messages – then choose 30 days or a year.

On Android open Hangouts > tap the three horizontal lines icon on the top-left > Settings > SMS > SMS Disabled > OK.

Download your music? Music files use up lots of memory. Opt for streaming your music instead - and go from having 200 songs and barely any free space to having access to over 30 million tunes.

Say no to notifications

Do you really need notifications from your favourite pizza delivery place? Okay, maybe that was a bad example. But too many notifications drain your battery and can be pretty annoying.

Review notifications app by app and mute the ones you don’t need to see – or turn off all notifications across all apps. This means you only check your phone when you actually want to.

Clear history and website data

Clearing your phone’s recollection of everything you’ve done on it will help you clear some memory space. It’s quick and easy, too.

iPhone users can go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. Android users just need to open Chrome, swipe up on the history bar, tap History, then Clear Browsing Data.

Don’t forget the outside

Some readers may find the following disturbing – so beware. Researchers recently discovered that 92% of phones have bacteria on them – around 25,000 germs per square inch – to be precise (that’s more germs than a public toilet).

So, while you’re de-cluttering its internal, make sure to give the external a good clean as well. The best tactic is to turn your phone off completely and wipe it gently with a dry microfiber cloth. You can also pick up a cleaning kit from Currys PC World to rid your handset of bacteria.

Have you given your phone a much-needed spring clean? Do you have any questions or words of wisdom? Let us know in the comments below.

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