All about the P20 Pro's triple lens camera

Huawei’s 40MP Leica triple camera is a world first…
All about the P20 Pro's triple lens camera

Three is a magic number

The P20 Pro has packed the world’s first Leica triple lens camera into its slimline frame. This sounds like quite a big deal, so we thought we’d take a closer look at just what these 40MP, 20MP and 8MP lenses are capable of. The answer? Lots of amazing photography.

More data, better quality

Let’s start with the type of photos we normally use our phone camera for – those everyday snaps where we’re happy for ‘automatic mode’ to do all the hard work. On the P20 Pro, the 40MP lens and 20MP lens work together to capture great quality photos.

The larger lens captures colour information, while the second one gathers black and white information. Combined, this gives you a better quality photo, because more data ends up being collected and processed. Single lens cameras aren’t capable of gathering this amount of information.

3x optical zoom

The 8MP lens on the P20 Pro gives you 3x optical zoom. This lets you take close up photos of your subject without the loss in quality you’d normally get with digital zoom. To make things even sharper, it’s also kitted out with optical image stabilisation.

Hybrid zoom

3x zoom not enough for you? Then go for 5x Hybrid zoom. This combines information from the 8MP zoom camera and 40MP main camera to give you great looking shots. Once again, the quality is much better than you’d get with a standard 5x digital zoom.

AI automatic scene recognition

The P20 Pro’s camera is about much more than megapixels. One of the things that make it so powerful is its revolutionary use of AI, which allows the camera to automatically switch between different modes to match your type of photograph.

No fewer than 19 different scenes are available, from waterfalls to cats and dogs. Huawei spoke with a number of professional photographers to understand how to take the best type of picture for each individual scene, and then shared that knowledge with the P20 Pro’s AI engine. So every time you take a photograph, you’re actually using real-life expertise to get the best shot.

Night, night

The P20 Pro also comes with a Handheld Super Night Mode that calls upon the power of AI. This stabilises everything, and give you the kind of results you’d normally only get from using a tripod. If you’re not keen on carrying a tripod around with you in the evening (and we know a lot of you aren’t), this is the camera mode for you.

Like the sound of this amazing triple camera? If you want to be one of the first people in the UK to own a Huawei P20 Pro, order yours from Carphone Warehouse today.

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