7 magnificent movie apps

With the Oscars on the way, we're looking at the best movie apps...
7 magnificent movie apps

Seven apps for movie buffs

The big night is almost here. It’s nearly time for those golden statuettes to be handed out. Let’s just hope that this year they actually give them to the right people. I mean, do you remember last year’s uncomfortable moment when they accidentally gave Best Picture to La La Land instead of Moonlight? Yep, pretty awkward. This year, the smart money’s on The Shape of Water, but there are usually a few surprises.

If all this Oscars talk is putting you in the mood for a bit of movie action when you’re out and about, or curled up on your sofa with your tablet, we’ve put together a list of some of the best apps to watch films on – Oscar winners or not.


Starting with possibly the biggest of the lot. Netflix has got thousands of films - as well as hundreds of hours of original programming every month - and it’s all available from £5.99 a month, or £7.99 if you want to watch in HD. Or you can sign up free for a month; just don’t forget to remind yourself to cancel (unless of course, you’re rather enjoying it and want to carry on).

Amazon Prime Video

Probably Netflix’s biggest challenger, Amazon Prime Video also has an enviable selection of films. If you fork out for Amazon One Day Delivery at £79 a year, you’ll get Amazon Prime Video included. So, if you’re a big online shopper, this might be a clincher. But back to the movies, their current selection includes Murder on the Orient Express, Dunkirk and Blade Runner 2049. Without one-day delivery, it’s £5.99 a month.

Now TV with Sky Cinema

Now TV may have slipped your consciousness, but with a good number of premieres every month (Wonder Women, the latest Transformers film and Despicable Me 3 are all on the way), it’s worth a look. It’s pricier though, at £9.99 a month. One advantage is that you don’t have to take out a contract; just come and go as you please. Just download the Now TV app, then choose the pass you want. And as a heads up, the TalkTalk TV Store works in the same way.


Mubi boasts “cult, classic independent and award-winning films from around the world,” and puts up a new one every day (there are always 30 to choose from). It costs £7.99 a month, but you may wish to try it free for a week first. You can download films via their app and watch offline. In terms of the content, it’s resolutely off the beaten track and interesting for it. One for the film buff.

BBC iPlayer

Surely the iPlayer is just for TV, right? Wrong. They do have some films on there too, including – at the moment – Point Break, Philomena and While We’re Young. Sure, you’ll have to stream these rather than download to watch later, and there aren’t loads of movies to watch, but there’s enough to fill a wet afternoon, and of course, it’s free if you have a TV license.


Another surprise, perhaps, but YouTube actually has a huge amount of full-length films to choose from. With new releases to buy (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Lowriders etc) from around £8-10, and movies to rent (Kingsman, The Death of Stalin) from £3.49, together with some all-time classics, it’s worth a look.

Disney Life

The best of Disney for £4.99 a month. It’s all there. Classic movies that mum and dad will love too (you can try denying it), together with TV episodes, books and singalong songs. All together now… “I just can’t wait to be kiiiiiiiiing”.

Did we miss any?

Those are a few of our favourites, but is there a favourite of yours that we left out? Well, we can’t have that, can we? Tell us below the line.

What are your thoughts? Join the conversation here…

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