Best flagship phones for your Christmas list

Five of the best flagship smartphones of 2017...
Best flagship phones for your Christmas list

A smartphone’s not just for Christmas

‘Tis the season once again. The UK’s had its first snowfall, Mariah Carey is warbling her way through every department store, and for one month only it’s acceptable to eat chocolate in the morning.

To ease the stress of Christmas shopping this year, we’ve rounded up our top five smartphones, which should definitely have pride of place on your list to Santa. Here’s the rundown:

Samsung Galaxy S8

The all-glass Samsung flagship smartphone is an easy choice, brimming with awesome features across the board. The first thing to catch anyone’s eye will undeniably be the infinity display, measuring 5.8-inches with Quad HD resolution.

The new 18:9 display ratio (compared to the more standard 16:9), has found its way onto a lot of 2017’s top smartphones, making them taller without making the phone bigger. And the Galaxy S8 was one of the first to showcase this.

On the back, there’s a 12MP camera with a wide f/1.7 aperture lens, which lets in lots of light for bright and accurate photos and videos.

If security is high on your priorities, the Galaxy S8 has a fingerprint scanner on the back and an iris scanner above the screen. This lets you unlock the phone with a quick glance, reading the unique patterns of your eyes in a flash.

Check out the best deals for the Samsung Galaxy S8 on Carphone Warehouse’s website, and to read our more in-depth hands-on review, click here.

Sony Xperia XZ1

Sony’s Xperia XZ1 was revealed in September and was one of the first smartphones to be released running the latest Google software, Android Oreo. On the spec front, it has a comfortable 5.2-inch Full HD screen, featuring HDR10 tech.

HDR10 is currently the best HDR (high dynamic range) rating a screen can have on a smartphone, and basically highlights bright colours, and makes black tones look really dark.

There’s also an impressive 19MP camera, for sharp photos every time. The party trick, however, is the super-slow mo video capture, shooting at a mind-boggling 960 frames per second (fps). You can see this feature in action in our hands-on video above, but in a nutshell, it’s the best slow-mo camera on a smartphone.

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There’s also a miniature version of the XZ1, which has most of the same specs, but a smaller screen, the XZ1 Compact.

To check out the Sony line up, head over the Carphone Warehouse’s website, and read more about them by clicking here.

Samsung Galaxy Note8

The Note 8 is pretty much everything the S8 (above) is, but it’s bigger and better. This Galaxy handset’s screen is a whopping 6.3-inches with Quad HD res. If you’re big on watching films on your phone, or playing mobile games, there’s little better for that than the Note8.

Around the back, there are two lenses, which when used together let you add a deep background blur to your shots for a professional, DSLR-like effect. You can also film in 4K quality and it’ll automatically detect if the people in your photo are smiling for the perfect shot every time.

Of course, any Note device wouldn’t be complete without its loyal sidekick, the S Pen. The stylus slots in and out of the bottom of the phone, and has been totally re-engineered since its last outing – now with over 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity for a more natural writing experience.

Get the best deals on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 on Carphone Warehouse’s website, and read more in our hands-on review.

Google Pixel 2

Google’s second-gen smartphone arrived only a few months ago, but in that short time, it’s attracted a lot of attention. One of its best features is its impressive 12.2MP camera, which has topped DxOMark’s chart for image quality with a score of 98/100. DxOMark is the benchmark for image quality, and it’s undoubtedly the incredible Portrait Mode that’s put it up there.

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Pixel 2 is also squeezy – sort of. The sides are pressure sensitive, so if you give it a squeeze, you can launch Google Assistant without pressing any buttons. And you can set how firm the squeeze is, so you don’t accidentally launch the Assistant when you’re fishing the phone out of your bag.

To get your very own Google Pixel 2, head over to Carphone Warehouse’s website for the best deals. And for a closer look, read our hands-on review.

LG V30

Last, but by no means least, is the LG V30 – one of our favourite smartphones of the year. It’s the first time the V-series has come to the UK, and it’s been well worth the wait. The phone is fronted by a super tall 6-inch Quad HD display, with HDR10 picture quality like the Xperia XZ1. And it’s not just functional, but looks awesome, too.

The V30’s camera features a glass lens with a massive f/1.6 aperture for incredible photo quality. And there’s a great tool called point zoom, which lets you pan into any area of your video while recording. Any other smartphone camera will only let you zoom into the centre of the frame, so your home videos will definitely look a cut above the rest.

Like the sounds of the LG V30? Follow this link through to Carphone Warehouse’s website to see all the best deals, and for more information, check out our hands-on review here.

Got any questions about our best smartphones of 2017? Drop us a comment below to start the conversation. Merry Christmas.

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