What to look for in a 2017 smartphone

This year’s flagship phones have got some stunning new features...
What to look for in a 2017 smartphone

Meet the new generation of smartphone

If you think you'll be upgrading to a new phone in 2017, what kind of thing should you be looking out for? We know how it goes - if you've been happily using the same phone for the last couple of years, you might not have been paying much attention to the latest and greatest innovations in the world of mobile technology.

So to help you out, here are some standout features to look out for in your next smartphone.

1. Bezels? What bezels?

If you think those bezels at the top and bottom of your phone are a waste of space, then you’re not on your own. A lot of manufacturers seem keen on making screens bigger without increasing the size of the phone itself. One example, pictured above, is the Samsung Galaxy Note8.

These phones boast, what Samsung calls, infinity displays, which stretch from top to bottom and curves around the edges of the handset. It looks amazing, and gives you a large view without the need for a super huge smartphone. Other manufacturers offer the larger screens now too, including LG and Huawei.

2. Dual camera action

LG, Huawei and Apple all launched phones with dual cameras last year, and a lot of this year’s big phones have followed suit. These phones offer next-level photography experiences, with most able to digitally reproduce the professional-looking blur you get in the background of photos taken with a DSLR. The image above shows off the LG V30's dual lens 16MP and 13MP camera.

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3. More power, more speed

The quest for more power continues. The big processor news for 2017 is that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 is on its way to selected Android devices. This next-generation processor promises to deliver better battery life, improved download speeds, lightning-fast video streaming and lifelike VR experiences. The next processor in Qualcomm's lineup is expected to be the Snapdragon 845, arriving early 2018.

That leads us nicely onto our next trend…

4. Virtual reality and beyond

With more powerful processors on board, most of 2017’s flagship phones should be able to boast that they’re fully VR compatible. VR demands a lot of power (and a high-resolution display) to do it justice, but the latest processors should be able to take all that in their stride. And with improved camera technology, don’t be surprised to see some stunning new augmented reality experiences unveiled too.

5. No jack required

It’s not just bezels that are in danger of disappearing from your phone. We predict that a lot of Android phone-makers to take Apple’s lead (no pun intended) and ditch the headphone jack in a quest for thinner and lighter devices.

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Which one of our smartphone trends are you most looking forward to seeing in the coming year? Do you have any predictions that aren’t on our list? We’d love to hear them, so feel free to share your thoughts below.

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