Essential apps for your new iPhone

The must-have apps from the App Store...
Essential apps for your new iPhone

Apple Music

Use it to: Stream music from Apple’s vast library alongside your old iTunes archive

Apple Music is built-in to your iPhone. Sign up for a membership to enjoy a mix of music streaming and the original iTunes.

If you owned an iPod back in the day, you’ll be familiar with iTunes and how it works. Now with Apple Music you get your music from the iTunes Store as well as access to over 30 million songs to stream for a monthly subscription – there’s even an Apple radio station.

You can find music from a kaleidoscope of genres, and everyone from The Beatles to Britney and Rhianna to the Rolling Stones. There are recommendations based on stuff you listen to from proper music experts too.

When you’re out and about you can listen offline – no need to drain your mobile data.

How much? £9.99 p/month (free 3-month trial)

How to get it? It’s built-in to your iPhone

Apple Pay

Use it to: Pay for coffees or a sandwich at lunch without having to dig out your wallet

Have you ever gone out to lunch and realised you’ve left your wallet on your desk? Apple Pay can help. You can use it to make secure payments with your phone – no need to dig out your wallet or bank card. It’s a contactless payment technology that works by allowing your debit and credit card details to be added to your iPhone.

With the iPhone 6 and 6S you simply hold the phone over the contactless card reader in the shop and touch your finger against the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Use Apple Pay in Costa and Pret for sandwiches and coffee, Waitrose, Boots and M&S for shopping and even on the Tube.

How much? Free

How to get it? Built-in to your iPhone

Microsoft Word

Use it to: Turn your smartphone into a pocket-sized office for getting stuff done away from your desk

Microsoft Word is used in offices, schools and universities up and down the country. It’s the word processor everyone knows in some way.

So it makes sense to have it on your iPhone. Put simply, it puts a stripped back version of your office computer in your pocket – designed to be used with touchscreens and just one hand. You can use it to create documents, but we think it’s best suited to reading, reviewing and editing on the go. Make formatting changes, fix typos, rewrite sentences and amend tables.

How much? Free

How to get it? Download Microsoft Word


Use it to: Get the best from your iPhone’s camera and explore its manual settings

With each new iPhone launch its cameras get more advanced. No wonder they have replaced digital cameras for many people. But you can get even more from your iPhone camera by getting to know the built-in Camera app. Use it to step beyond point-and-click by exploring features like focus and exposure to create different, arty effects.

Capture great landscape photos – such as mountain ranges or sprawling beaches – by switching to panorama mode. Create short, moving photo collages with Live Photos which cleverly captures the moment before and after a photo was taken.

How much? Free

How to get it? Built-in to your iPhone


Use it to: Plan holidays and nights out and enjoy general banter in group chats

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the Apple App Store. It’s a chat messaging app that’s making the traditional text message redundant for many people. WhatsApp says around one billion people now use the service to stay in touch – from Birmingham to Brazil.

Group chats are among its best features. They’re a great way of staying in touch with your old university mates, or for planning a holiday with family.

Messages are sent over the internet – whether your phone’s connected to Wi-Fi at home or you’re using 3G or 4G in town. This means WhatsApp is free to use, unless you’re using mobile data and you exceed your allowance.

How much? Free

How to get it? Download WhatsApp

Apple Photos

Use it to: Organise your masses of iPhone photos and easily share with friends and family

If you’re always taking pictures with your iPhone you’ll know how soon they stack up. Now you can bring some order to your hundreds (or thousands) of photos. The Photos app organises your pictures based on where and when they were taken and who is in them.

Every photo you take is backed up online to Apple’s iCloud. This means you can view your photos taken on your iPhone from your iPad or MacBook.

How much? Free

How to get it? Built-in to your iPhone

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