What are my mobile network benefits?

Whether you're with O2, Vodafone, EE or iD, there's a benefit for you...
What are my mobile network benefits?

Are you making the most of your networks' benefits?

Every network has its own set of exclusive benefits. At Carphone Warehouse we offer a range of different network providers, including O2, Vodafone, EE and our very own, iD. We've rounded up all the top benefits with each provider below.

And don't forget, when you shop with Carphone Warehouse, you get to enjoy all of our benefits, too. Including free next day delivery, online and in-store support, and our Price Promise - which means if you find a cheaper deal anywhere else, we'll match it and pay you first month.

EE network benefits

Do you take advantage of all of EE’s freebies? Checkout exactly what extras you can get andmake sure you don’t miss out on anything.

BT Sport - Get free access to the BT Sports app for three months with EE. Text SPORT to 150 to get your code. And watch live using two EE devices simultaniously.

Clone your phone app - Securely back-up everything on your phone for free, just in case it ever gets lost, stolen or damaged. Download the app for Android, iPhone or BlackBerry.

Free Wi-Fi on the London Underground - EE has Wi-Fi hotspots in loads of Tube stations, so you can get online for free even when you’re under ground.

Vodafone network benefits

Vodafone Entertainment Pack - All ‘Red 4G’ plans come with a great entertainment pack that gives you a choice of Spotify Premium, Sky Sports mobile or a Now TV entertainment pass.

Vodafone Covered -The insurance service from Vodafone covers you for accidental damage, theft and loss. But it does come at a premium cost.

iD network benefits

iD Mobile is Carphone Warehouse's very own mobile network. It offers three free fantastic perks on every post pay plan:

Data Rollover. This feature automatically rolls over your unused monthly data to the next month, giving you a second chance to use it. You paid for that data, so why should you lose it?

Inclusive Roaming. With iD Mobile, you can roam like at home in 50 destinations across Europe and beyond. The minutes, texts or data you use will simply come out of your remaining monthly allowance (subject to our fair usage & open data policies).

Bill Capping. This lets you put a cap on your monthly spend. So even if you use up your allowances, you'll never get shocked by the size of your bill. Your cap is pre-set at £5, and can be adjusted up to your credit limit.

O2 network benefits

O2 Priority - O2's main benefit scheme is called O2 Priority, and is described by the company as "the gift that keeps on giving". You can get access to event tickets up to 48 hours before general release (text ‘TICKETS’ to 2020), food a drink deals (text ‘MOMENTS’ to 2020), and much more.

O2 Wi-Fi hotspots - Make sure you're connected everywhere you go, with over 7,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in all over the UK.

O2 Venues - At the O2 Arena and O2 Acadamies, you get fast track entry. And, with the O2 Priority Moments app, you’ll get access to the exclusive O2 Lounge and Blueroom Bar. If music’s not your thing, why not head to Twickenham Stadium, where you can enjoy a pre-match pie, pint and programme on the house – all just by chatting to an O2 Angel.

Priority Sports - Get the chance to meet and train with top Nike athletes and get access to exclusive Nike events and products, plus offers on events nationwide. Just text ‘SPORTS’ to 2020 to be kept up to date.

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