6 things you didn't know Google Photos could do

Terrifying, amazing magic...
6 things you didn't know Google Photos could do

The scary power of Google Photos

Google Photos is a free app available to Android and iOS users. It’s a way of keeping your photos organised, offering unlimited cloud storage for high-res images and videos, and it can be accessed on desktop and mobile. Sounds good, right?

But it’s much more than just a home for your memories. It’s smart, and it’s capable of keeping your pictures more organised than ever. This is why…

Search for anything

Did you take a photo ages ago and suddenly feel the need to show it off? Instead of flicking through months of pictures, simply search for your photo by typing in whatever it’s of. Google can recognise places, people, things, and colours so finding pictures of pretty much anything shouldn’t be a problem.

It knows your friends and family

This feature deserves more than just a fleeting mention. Google learns who people are over time; making its own albums based on the faces you take photos of regularly. One of the most amazing superpowers of the feature, however, is Google being able to recognise the same person over many years. For example a new born baby, and his five-year-older self.

Ditch duplicates

Photos will merge duplicated photos so you don’t end up uploading the same photo twice. Kind of like an automated spring-clean.

Multiple gallery views

Google’s a big fan of pinch and swipe gestures on mobile, and makes the most of them in Google Photos. If you want different view of your photography collection, you can either pinch in or out to see everything larger or smaller, respectively.

You can also quickly select multiple photos, by holding down on one and then swiping to the last on. Google Photos will automatically select all the ones in between.

Auto memories

Google will occasionally creating videos and slideshows from your collections. So if you take lots of photos and videos on a day out, like a family wedding, it’ll combine them all and stick a music soundtrack on them.

Filters and effects

Don’t have Instagram or just fancy jazzing up your photos for another social channel? There are built in editing functions in Google Photos with loads of filters, resizing options, vignette, and colour choices. Just click the small pencil at the bottom of the screen.

You might also find that Google occasionally produces its own ‘stylised’ photo using these tools. Like the one above, which it decided would look better in black and white, and with a white border. For some reason.

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