Curved Screen

30 March, 2015
This week, we asked one of The Lowdown’s trusted reviewers to put down their OnePlus One and see what it’s like to live with the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. After seven days with the new Galaxy, here’s what they thought…
23 March, 2015
LG has produced something eye-catching in the G Flex 2 with its self-healing back. We went hands on to see if it can back up this unique features.
23 March, 2015
After all the rumours and speculation, we’ve finally got our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, and they’re living up to our expectations.
12 March, 2015
Samsung blew away the competition with the release of the Galaxy S4, so how has Samsung improved its flagship handsets in the last two years? We take a look.
12 March, 2015
Samsung's Galaxy S3 was a true success story. Here we take a look at how far the Samsung Galaxy handset has come in the past three years.
11 March, 2015
The Samsung Galaxy S6 has the best screen ever. It's official, thanks to tests and comparisons carried out by DisplayMate.
6 March, 2015
For years now, bigger has been better when it comes to handsets but as the main players start to settle, have we reached the perfect size?
1 March, 2015
Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxt S6 edge at Mobile World Congress. Here's all you need to know about Samsung's flagship handsets.
24 January, 2014
Hands on review with the unique LG G Flex
27 October, 2013
The LG G Flex is one of those phones that stands out from the crowd, and its all down to a unique flexing body.

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