Blackberry Passport

27 May, 2015
Have you just become the proud owner of a BlackBerry smartphone? If you want to get the most out of it, check out these top apps.
7 May, 2015
To celebrate our redesign, we're giving you the chance to win a new LG G Flex 2. Read more to find out how to get your hands on this fantastic prize.
23 February, 2015
We love listening to music on the go, and in the comfort of our own homes. Here are some of the best phones on the market that will do your music justice.
7 January, 2015
BlackBerry recently launched the BlackBerry Passport. We compared it to the brand new BlackBerry Classic to see how it measures up.
24 September, 2014
BlackBerry announced a new flagship smartphone, the BlackBerry Passport. Here's everything you need to know about BlackBerry's new hope.
24 September, 2014
BlackBerry's new Passport is an intriguing looking device. Can it back up its looks with top-class features? Let's compare the BlackBerry Passport to the Galaxy Note 4.
24 September, 2014
We take a first look at the perfect phone for business
24 September, 2014
BlackBerry officially announced the BlackBerry Passport along with an exciting new app called BlackBerry Blend. Here we break down what BlackBerry Blend can do.
24 September, 2014
The brand new BlackBerry Passport might have a bit of an usual shape, but it’s packed full of tools and brand new features
1 August, 2014
We love metal phones. They’re smooth, good looking, and almost every manufacturer is making them. Here are the best metal phones

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