11 May, 2018
With the Snapchat Lens Studio, you can now create your very own Snapchat face filter - and give yourself those bunny ears you've always wanted.
30 October, 2017
How to make friends and party on with a bunch of strangers...
13 March, 2017
J.D. Wetherspoon has launched an app that lets punters order food and drink using their smartphones, directly to their table. No more queuing...
21 January, 2016
How does the new social network stack up now the hype’s died down?
7 August, 2015
Saturday 8th August sees the kick off of the 2015/16 Premier League season. As a result, we're taking a look at the best football related downloads.
15 July, 2015
Get notifications and custom alerts for all the things that matter in your life with this nifty new app. You'll be hooked.
30 June, 2015
To celebrate Astronomy Day, we're pointing our phones skywards and using some impressive apps to explore the universe.
30 June, 2015
Today is a little longer than normal thanks to a leap second. So what are you going to do with all that extra time?
24 June, 2015
With Pushbullet, you can sync your phone, tablet and PC so you can easily share things between them, from notifications to photos.
23 June, 2015
Hero Boyfriend is an app that'll help you show the one your love just how much you love them, keeping your relationship in the honeymoon period for longer.
22 June, 2015
Do you think dumping someone via an SMS is just too personal? Then why not try dumping them with the new Binder app!
18 June, 2015
Have you ever found yourself in a bit of a pickle? Here's an app that'll connect you with people willing to help you out.
16 June, 2015
The perfect app to help you negotiate this year's Glastonbury Festival like a seasoned pro, and make it a weekend to remember.
11 June, 2015
After years of waiting, Jurassic World has finally hit cinema screens. And there's a mobile game to accompany the new movie.
6 May, 2015
If you want to doodle, draw and sketch on your mobile device, we've got some of the best apps for budding cartoonists around. Check them out.
23 April, 2015
Mobile-pocket is an app where you can store details of all your loyalty, club, customer and membership cards. Find out more.
17 April, 2015
Riff’s a new video app from Facebook that’s all about collaborating, creating video chains and sharing. Find out more.

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