Android Pay

4 October, 2016
Mondays suck. It's no secret. But with Android Pay and MasterCard, they might suck a little less, with free London travel and Caffe Nero coffee
15 June, 2016
Android Instant Apps heralded a lot of excitement after their announcement at Google I/O 2016 conference, but what do they actually do?
25 May, 2016
The arrival of Android Pay in the UK has been making headlines, but there are a few question marks over how it all works. We've talked to Google to find out
17 May, 2016
Android Pay has finally arrived in the UK, and can be used at over 460,000 contactless payment terminals across the UK. Find out how here
29 March, 2016
Android Pay is coming to the UK in time for the summer. To get ready for this shopping revolution, find out everything about Android Pay here.
23 July, 2015
A forgotten wallet or purse doesn’t have to ruin everything. If you’ve got a smartphone, you can still pay your way.
12 June, 2015
How long will it be before we can confidently leave our debit and credit cards at home, and rely solely on our smartphones to pay for groceries?

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