When you get a new phone there’s one tiny chore that always needs to be carried out, and that’s getting all your data from your old phone to your new one. Well, here are some apps that’ll make it a whole lot easier.

Transfering data from one phone to another

Sony Xperia™ Transfer Mobile app

Free from Google Play™ Store

Sony’s new app aims to let you transfer all your data without any computer at all. It has some really interesting ways of working.

If you’ve an iPhone, use the included cable. This is an adaptor that plugs into the port of your Sony phone, like the Sony Xperia™ Z1 Compact. Then plug your iPhone’s cable into the other end of the cable. Fire up the app and all your contacts, photos and data are transferred.

When you’re transferring from an Android or Windows powered phone, it’s even easier. Turn the NFC (Near field communication) feature on for both phones, open the app on the Sony and everything starts transferring wirelessly. With Android devices, all of the apps on your old phone are installed on your new Sony.

Better yet, if you’re transferring from an iPhone or Windows Phone device, you’ll get vouchers to pay for the Android versions of your apps. It means you won’t have to pay again for apps you already bought from a different app store.

Motorola migrate app

Free from Google Play™ Store

Motorola has also been busy improving its transfer app. Released at the end of January 2014, it lets you change from an iPhone or Android to a new Motorola phone.
To get all your iPhone content onto a new Motorola, like the Moto X, install the app on your Motorola. Then the app literally logs into your iCloud account and copies all the data to your Google account. From there it’s easy to sync up your Motorola to get hold of all your data. No cables or computers required.

If you’ve been using an older Android phone, install the app on both the old phone and your new Motorola. Open both apps, scan the QR code on the screen of your old with your new Motorola, and all your videos, contacts, texts and even call history will be copied across. Again, it’s all done without cables or computers.

Transfer my Data

Free from Windows Store

If you’re moving from an older Windows Phone to a new Nokia, like the Nokia Lumia 1520, the Transfer my Data app is what you need. It’ll transfer all your contacts, text messages, pictures and more via Bluetooth. This makes it fast and of course wireless.

If you’ve a BlackBerry, iPhone or Android, this app is still useful, but it’ll only be able to transfer your contacts to the new phone.

Welcome Home to Windows Phone

Free for Nokia users from the Welcome Home to Windows Phone website

To move all the other data from an old phone to a new Nokia with Windows Phone, there’s Welcome Home to Windows Phone. Once you’ve visited the website and installed it on your PC or Mac, just plug in your old phone and follow the instructions. Everything from texts and to videos will be sent to your new Windows Phone.

When it comes to apps, the Welcome Home software will scour your old phone and the Windows Store and recommend apps for your new phone. You can then install them if you think they’re a good fit. And if they’re paid apps, Microsoft will actually give you money to buy them.

One to watch for in the future


Currently only available in America from the MotoMaker website

Unlike the others in this list, MotoMaker isn’t actually an app, but it’s definitely the future. It’s more a way of buying a customised phone. Currently only available in America, MotoMaker lets you buy a Moto X fully customised right out of the box. You can pick the body and buttons colours, the material the back is made from, even have personalised engravings and a welcome message.

MotoMaker also lets you transfer all the data from your old to your new Moto X, before it even arrives. That means as soon as you get your new phone out of the box and turn it on, all your data is already there. Hopefully someday all phones will be like this!