You might have got a new Xbox One for Christmas but did you know you can use it with your smartphone? The new Xbox One SmartGlass app lets you hook your smartphone up to your console and do some pretty cool things. Here’s what you’ll be able to do with it.

Xbox OneUse your phone as a second screen when gaming

At launch, Xbox One will have three games that support the second screen feature of SmartGlass, including Dead Rising 3Project Spark and Just Dance 2014, with many more to follow soon. It means you’ll be able to see maps, play side games, view strategy guides and more using your phone’s screen, all while you’re playing a game on your TV.

Take Dead Rising 3. You play Nick, a young mechanic who’s trying to survive an apocalyptic world. In the game he finds a military smartphone that lets him communicate with other survivors. With SmartGlass, your smartphone actually becomes the phone he finds. You’ll get messages, check your inventory and even call for backup in fights. As the game progresses, you’ll also get side quests that use the smartphone, giving you exclusive bonuses and extras.

Turn your phone into a multipurpose remote control

The Xbox One isn’t just for gaming. It plays Blu-rays, music, movies, downloads and more. Your smartphone can then control it all. You can pause and rewind your programmes, pinch and swipe around the internet on your TV, and use your phone’s keyboard to type.

A second screen when you’re using your TV too

It’s not just games. When you’re watching movies, TV shows or listening to music, SmartGlass and your smartphone can bring up extra content, like companion guides, behind the scenes documentaries and info about the actors or plots. Plus if you want to watch something else, you can look through your Xbox catalogue using your phone too.

Xbox One SmartGlass

Free from Google Play™ StoreApp StoreWindows Store. Also available on Windows 8 PCs and tablets.