What is Scrap Booker ?

Scrap Booker lets you pull a variety of content, like videos, pictures or text, from anywhere and store it all in a digital scrapbook on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be viewed whenever you want. You can even add your own handwritten or typed notes to the content you’ve collected to make it more personal.

When would I use Scrap Booker ?

As the Galaxy Note 3 lets you pull content from anywhere, Scrap Booker is great if you see a cool YouTube video that you think you’ll want to share with your friends later. It also works with pictures or whole web pages so there’s loads of ways to use Scrap Booker on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

How do I use Scrap Booker ?

Use the S-Pen to open the Air Command menu by hovering it over the screen and pressing the pen’s button, then hit Scrap Booker, it’s second in from the left. Now you just need to draw a circle on the thing you want to put in your Note 3′s scrapbook – anything from webpages to photos. This will open up the scrapbook page where you can add a memo or tags or put it into a specific folder from the menu at the top. When you want to look back at what you’ve saved, just open the Scrapbook app from the apps drawer.

Scrap Booker on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3