What is Action Memo?

Action Memo is an app that lets you quickly jot down information with the S Pen and use it instantly with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3‘s built in handwriting recognition. It can convert your scribbled notes into useful information, like a new contact or email, in the blink of an eye.

When would I use Action Memo?

If someone gives you their name and phone number, you can quickly write it down and then have the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 convert it into a new contact. And because the Action Memo window stays open, just minimised on the screen, you could then use it to quickly send a text message to share your phone number with the person. Of course, Action Memo can also be used to write and store notes on your Galaxy Note 3, as well as all the unique action features.

How do I use Action Memo?

Steps to use Action Memo Samsung Galaxy Note 3

First you need to use the S-Pen to open the Air Command menu. You can do this by either removing the S-Pen from the Note 3 or by hovering it over the screen and pressing the pen’s button. Then you just need to hit Action Memo on the round menu, it’s the one on the far left.Now you have the Action Memo window open, if someone was to give you their name and phone number, for instance, you could quickly write it down. Then, by hitting the ring of dots at the top of the window, you’ll be given a menu of functions. Tap the contacts symbol and your handwritten note will be converted into a new contact instantly. You could also call the number or send it a text from this menu. Or if you were given different information, such as an email address or a postcode, you could send an email, search the web, pull up Google Maps or simply add it to your to do list.