The new metal bodied Samsung Galaxy Alpha does a bit of everything, and does it really well. So, instead of just putting it up against another phone we decided to put it up against everyday items to see how it fairs. To see what the phone’s like, have a look at our Samsung Galaxy Alpha review here.


The ultimate Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs a 4K TVSamsung Galaxy Alpha vs 4K TVs

With the tele, you get a massive screen, a huge range of colours, Freeview built in, and even the internet. Trouble is, what good is all that when you’re not at home?

The Alpha’s screen uses special AMOLED technology, so it’s actually got brighter colours. And, believe it or not, the image is sharper on the Alpha than the latest high resolution TVs.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs a designer watchSamsung Galaxy Alpha vs a watch

If you love style, you might want to wear something fancy, something metal. Something like an designer watch. It tells the time, and has a really accurate stopwatch.

Alternatively, you could get a Galaxy Alpha. Still metal, still full of style, but it’ll let you talk to your friends, get online and much more. It’ll tell the time too so who needs a watch?


Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs a fingerprint scannerSamsung Galaxy Alpha vs a laptop With A fingerprint scanner

So you want to keep a few photos and documents secure. Easy, just carry around your laptop and a fingerprint scanner. Not so practical, is it?

With the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy Alpha, you can copy files over and password protect them with the scanner. The phone’s battery lasts twice as long as the laptop’s too.


Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs a heart rate monitor watchSamsung Galaxy Alpha vs a heart rate monitor

To get really fit, heart rate monitors are the way to go. Just strap the heart rate strap to your chest, start your watch and run. Then, when you get home, load the data on to your laptop.

What we do though is just pick up a Galaxy Alpha and get running, using the built in heart rate monitor, then analyse the workout on the phone itself with the S-Health app. Easy!


Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs a DSLR CameraSamsung Galaxy Alpha vs a DSLR camera

DSLRs are fantastic. Professional photographers use them after all. Long shots, close ups, special effects, they can do the lot.

A DSLR is pretty bulky though. And unless you’ve read the manual (twice), you won’t able to use it. Absolutely anyone can use the Alpha though, and it’ll pick the right settings automatically.

So there you go. You could buy 6 different devices…or just use a Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It’s a high definition TV, fancy watch, games console, fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor and DSLR camera all rolled into one!

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