Our top picks

Kindle Fire HD 6

Nokia Lumia 735

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Kindle Fire HD 6 tablet photoSamsung Galaxy Note 4 shot
Great value and portable, the HD 6 is the perfect tablet for doubling as an eReader and media device. It also has free, unlimited cloud storage.The Nokia Lumia 735 is one of our favourite mid-range phones. Stylish, portable, with a great screen and camera, it also comes with some fantastic free apps.Better in every way on the excellent Note 4, the new phone has a stand out screen, and now has a fingerprint scanner for added security.

BlackBerry Passport

Sony Xperia Z3

LG G Watch

BlackBerry Passport shotSony Xperia Z3 promo shot, white, frontLG G Watch angle shot
If you’re a fan of QWERTY keyboards, this is the phone for you. Larger keys make for faster typing, and for business this is perfect.With a beautifully curved metal body that’s waterproof and a brilliant camera, the Sony Xperia™ Z3 is an incredible all round smartphone.This smartwatch looks good, is water resistant and only needs charging every couple of days. Perfect for keeping track of phone notifications.