Upgrading tips

This time two years ago we were blown away by the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and Sony Xperia™ S. But now they’re are old news and we’re being amazed by the Samsung Galaxy S5HTC One (M8) and Sony Xperia™ Z2. But what’s changed in that time? And what technology should you be looking at when upgrading after two years?


It’s well worth making sure your new phone’s moved forward in the battery department when you upgrade. There’s no point in having an incredible gadget in your pocket if it doesn’t stay charged for the day. Thankfully, over the last two years batteries have got bigger and more efficient, so battery life is dramatically longer. Where older phones like the HTC One X would need to be charged every day, you should get a couple of days’ life from the new phones like the One (M8).


For a lot of people now, their smartphone is their only camera so it’s important to make sure yours can take great photos. Amazingly, the awesome smartphone cameras that were around two years ago have been made even better. The Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera, for example, has double the resolution of the Galaxy S3 and has a clever new sensor that improves colours and sharpness.


It’s really important that you get a phone with a really sharp screen that’s also really responsive. Both of these things have been massively improved since 2012. Screens have higher resolutions and new technology that improves colours and brightness, so they’re better for everything from watching movies to reading. And they’re more sensitive so the phones are easier to use.


The look and feel of a phone is usually what draws you to it when you’re browsing. Design has moved on massively in the last two years. HTC and Sony now both use premium bodies that are made out of aluminium and toughened glass that makes the phones look great. Samsung meanwhile has experimented with making its phones stand out with innovative designs that use traditional lightweight and scratch resistant plastics.

Water resistance and durability

Another thing worth considering when you’re upgrading is the durability of your new phone. If you’re going to have it for two years, you want it to look good and work properly all the way to the end of your contract. The Xperia Z2 and Galaxy S5 will both survive being submerged in water and should be pretty hard to scratch thanks to Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

4G speeds

If you got a phone two years ago, you didn’t have to think about 4G mobile internet. Almost all new phones are 4G ready. That means you have the option to get superfast mobile internet and take advantage of things like smoother video streaming and a more reliable internet connection. So it’s worth exploring all your options for upgrading your contract as well as your phone.


Processors are what make your phone run and feel as fast as they are. Modern phones are much better for playing games and running bigger apps. That’s because phones now run at speeds that you’d expect to see in laptops. To find out more about all of our fantastic new phones, subscribe to our YouTube channel to check out our reviews.