Mobile data allowance

Wondering what to do with your massive new data allowance? Weve got some suggestions.

Want some ideas to get the most of your smartphone? Got lots of data and want some ideas for using it? We have plenty to tell you!

Stream on the go, don’t wait to download

When you’ve got a large data allowance, you don’t have to download the programs or movies you want to watch on Wi-Fi before you go. Just stream whatever you want to watch straight from the internet. It gives you more freedom too, as you can watch whatever takes your fancy. The same is true of music too!

Use ‘Desktop view’ in your browser

Most phones view smaller mobile versions of websites as standard. It means they use less data to view a single page. But if you’ve got lots of data, select the Desktop view mode from the settings. All the pages will then look just as exciting and full of images as they do on a computer!

Automatically back up your photos using cloud services like DropBox

No one wants to lose a photo. Smartphones have a great feature that lets them automatically upload every photo you take directly to DropBox. That way, if your phone breaks or you accidentally delete something, it’s available to download from anywhere.

Use your Auto sync setting

If you’ve got loads of data to spare, you can turn on your Auto sync feature in your settings menu. This tells your phone to keep checking for emails, updates on Facebook, sports updated and more. It means you won’t miss messages from friends, news flashes or anything else, and will keep you better connected to everyone you know and everything you’re interested in.

Enjoy YouTube in High quality, not just standard quality

You may not now it, but normally when you watch YouTube on mobile data, the website automatically turns down the quality to save you data. With loads of data though, you can tell YouTube to show you videos in HD quality. Enjoy your videos more!