Sony Xperia T3 Black, White, PurpleWith the Sony Xperia T3 the things we love are the big, superbly coloured screen and the stylish design. Plus, it’s a very good mid-range phone and not just great for videos. Don’t forget, you can only get it at Carphone Warehouse, in black, white or purple, so read our review to find out more.


Giving the T3 a quick spin in our hands we decided it’s a really good looking phone. Sony has managed to keep the body small enough to be practical even though the screen’s fairly big. And the metal sides are a really nice touch.


The camera on the Sony Xperia T3 has almost all of the camera features and settings that you’d find on the higher end phones like the Sony Xperia Z2. There’s a great Superior Auto mode that chooses the right settings. And we really love the fun features like AR effect that lets you put dinosaurs and underwater settings into your photos.


The screen is very big at 5.3”, and the brightness and sharpness are all impressive. The colours though are right up there with the best Sony phones out there. It’s also got good sound quality and the volume is loud with a superb built in equaliser, so the T3 is great if you like movies and music.

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OfficeSuite 7 comes preinstalled, which lets you view all sorts of documents from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The T3 also connects to the newer 4G networks, so when you’ve got the right contract, you’ll get to upload and download things really quickly.


There’s a big battery inside the Xperia T3, and it has the excellent STAMINA battery mode for extending battery life. When this is on, apps and internet are turned off when the screen’s off. We could get up to two days away from the charger, which was impressive.

Unique features

If you take a lot of calls, turn on the Smart Call feature. With it on, when you receive a call just bring the pone to your ear to automatically answer, shake it to reject the call, or if you’re in a meeting and need the ringer to stop, just put the phone face down on any surface. We love it.

And if you like reading, try the Smart Backlight Control setting. When it’s on, the front facing camera can tell when you’re looking at the screen and keeps the screen lit. Turn away and it’ll turn off, saving power. It’s really excellent.

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