Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

For the second year running, Samsung has squeezed a compact camera into a smartphone, complete with 10x optical zoom lens, and it’s called the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. And this year Samsung’s made some big improvements.


The K Zoom is much sleeker than the S4 Zoom. It’s still chunky, as you’d expect with the impressive camera lens, but it feels like a smartphone and fits more easily into your hand or pocket.


This is what the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is designed for. We were really impressed with the photos. The 10x zoom lens comes from a digital camera, so it’s great for getting close to what you’re shooting and helps keep things in focus. And the 20MP sensor and optical image stabilisation mean you get amazing detail.


We liked the K Zoom’s 4.8” HD screen. It was really good for games. It shows really vivid colours that brings things to life and is big enough to see plenty of detail. And as it runs Android 4.4 KitKat, there are more than a million apps and games to entertain you.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom blackProductivity

The K Zoom isn’t the best phone for productivity unless you’re a photographer. You can download some handy apps that’ll let you view, create and edit Office documents and the keyboards very nice to type on. But other than Samsung’s great calendar app, there’s nothing built in to help you get stuff done.


We were impressed by the K Zoom’s battery life. The battery’s quite big and it’ll easily last you a whole day out with the family.

Unique features

One fun feature that we found really handy on the K Zoom is its IR blaster. It lets you use the phone as a universal remote control. And for TVs, Samsung’s WatchOn app gives a really good TV guide that recommends shows for you.

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