Nokia Lumia 1020 blackWhen it comes to the Nokia Lumia 1020, you’ll be getting the most powerful smartphone camera out there. It really does give photos of a quality that a standalone camera would be proud of.


We love the bright colours the 1020 comes in. While the body might be made of plastic, it still feels solid and well made. It’s comfortable to hold, and the metal camera lens jutting out of the body is actually a stylish addition, not an inconvenience.


The camera is the focus of the Nokia Lumia 1020. At 41MP, no other camera can get more details in photos. The colours are also absolutely stunning, giving us some of our favourite photos ever taken with a phone. The Nokia Camera app is also a real standout, giving you so much control over your photos, including focus, shutter speed and more. Even the built-in editing apps are top notch.


The screen, at 4.5”, is large enough for Netflix watching, but it’s Nokia Mix Radio we love the most. This free app is an online radio, giving you access to hundreds of thousands of tracks. You can download playlists to listen too offline, and it’ll even recommend new artists based on the songs you’ve already got on your phone. It’s definitely one of the best music apps around.


Windows Phones are excellent for use as work phones. The Nokia Lumia 1020 comes with Microsoft Office preinstalled, so you can open up and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents on the go. Windows also makes it easy to put security polices in the phone to make them comply with business regulations.


We found the Nokia Lumia 1020 had really good battery life, even if you spent all day taking photos and videos. It’s also got a smart Battery Saver mode that extends the battery life really well.

Unique features

Nokia HERE maps is one of the best maps apps for smartphones, and the 1020 has it preinstalled. The app has maps for practically every country in the world, and it’s all available offline once you download them. We’ve used it on holiday trips, and it’s so useful. It’s even got free voice guided navigation, anywhere in the world. There’s a fantastic range of accessories for the 1020. Our favourite is the Camera Grip case. It has an extra battery in it to let you go longer between charges and changes the shape of the phone to make it even better for taking photos. There’s even a slot for a tripod. We’re also a fan of the wireless charging case.