HTC One M8 Colours

The original HTC One was excellent, and it wasn’t just us that though so. It got more awards than any other phone last year. The new HTC One M8 has more metal, a larger screen, an extra camera, louder speakers…in short it’s turbo charged!

HTC One M8 in pink, front and side

The pink colour is exclusive to Carphone Warehouse.


This is probably the best looking phone you can buy. The body is almost all metal, and HTC must have spent hundreds of hours to get the shape just right and improve on the old phone. On paper the old HTC One and the new One have very similar screens, but we noticed the better colours on the new M8 straight away. And if you like coloured phones, Carphone Warehouse is the only place you can buy the HTC One M8 in pink.


The One (M8) has two cameras on the back that work together to give you loads of photo editing option. You can blur the background or turn it black and white as well as create cool 3D effects. Of all the blur effects on phones, the M8’s is one of the best. The front camera is excellent too, giving some of the best detail we’ve seen.


The 5” screen is right up there with the best of them, but it’s the stereo speakers on the front that set the HTC One M8 apart. They’re exceptionally loud, and give the best sound quality of any phone. It’s excellent for sharing songs or enjoying movie sound tracks.

Carphone Warehouse want this phone banner


If you need to edit documents and get some work done, the M8 has Polaris Office 5 preinstalled. It lets you do pretty much anything with files from Word, Excel and more. There’s also a cool Scribble app that’s good for note taking, making budget sheets and jotting down ideas.


You’ll get about two days of charge with the One (M8), unless you sit all day typing out emails or playing games. There’s also a useful Extreme Power Saving Mode on the M8. When it’s turned on, 10% of charge will last 30 hours.

Unique features

If you like the news, sports scores, or have any hobbies or interests you like to read about, then BlinkFeed is brilliant. It sits on your homescreen and after you’ve told it what interest you have and the publications you like, it’ll automatically fetch stories for you to read. They can be read offline too, so you don’t need to be on the net 24/7. It’ll even give updates from apps.

There’s also a feature called Motion Launch that lets you open apps straight from the lock screen. By swiping in different directions you can open BlinkFeed, activate voice calling or get to your last app. Our favourite feature though lets you double tap the screen to turn the screen on to check notifications, and double tap again to turn it off. Much easier than finding the power button!

HTC One M8 range