Samsung Galaxy S5 miniWe’re really impressed with this mini mobile. It’s a pocket powerhouse with a crystal clear screen, sharp camera and loads of power, all in a tiny package.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini looks like someone’s squashed the big S5. There are only a couple of small differences, other than the size, to tell you it’s a different phone. The mini isn’t waterproof, so there’s no cover on the charging port. And the back cover’s small dots are closer together, which looks a lot better. We also really like the small size of this phone.


You get a really nice 8MP camera on the back of the Galaxy S5 mini. It takes really sharp photos and comes with all the different options that its big brother has. That meant we could always find a setting or mode to make our photos look their best.


We found the Galaxy S5 mini to be a fantastic little gaming machine. The HD screen is really bright and sharp, so things look stunning. And the processor is so powerful that everything runs really smoothly.


Always working on the move? The Galaxy S5 mini is 4G ready and has Google Drive cloud storage preinstalled, so you can grab files and documents from the internet wherever you are. We were able to save big files to Drive from our office computer and pull them onto the phone in seconds using 4G.


We didn’t have a problem with the battery in the Galaxy S5 mini. Even though we were testing it heavily, the battery lasted all day. It’s especially good when watching movies because it has an AMOLED screen. That means it’s super-efficient when showing dark things on the screen.

Unique features

Our phones are full of personal information that we don’t want other people seeing. So we were really pleased to see that the Galaxy S5 mini kept the fingerprint scanner that Samsung introduced on the big S5. It keeps everything really secure so we don’t have to worry about friends messing with our phone.


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